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Charities Review Council is filled with gratitude for the individuals and corporations who helped make our mission possible. From providing donors with what to look for in a nonprofit to the over 500+ organizations that met our Accountability Standards® in 2016, our donors created a ripple in our community and world.

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Corporations & Foundations

3M Foundation
Ameriprise Financial
Andersen Corporate Foundation
Atonement Lutheran Church
Best Buy Foundation
Bush Foundation
Cargill Foundation
Carlson Family Foundation
CDF Foundation
Charlson Foundation
Deluxe Corporate Foundation
Ecolab Foundation
Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, Inc.
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
Hugh J Andersen Foundation
Joyful Women Fund
Luther Automotive
Margaret Rivers Fund
Medica Foundation
RBC Foundation – USA
Securian Foundation
Stablish Foundation
Tankenoff Families Foundation
The Head Foundation
Western National Mutual Insurance Company


Judy Alnes
Sarah Andersen
Sue Bailey
Harley Bergren
Vincent Bezdicek
Sarah Bjelland
James Bjork
Steve Boland
Frank Bonello
Matthew Born
Jim Bowyer
Terrance Brueck
Richard Burnham
Francis Busta
Mark Cadwell
Armando Camacho
Robert Carlson
Julie Cohen
Rich Cowles
Edward Dandanell
Bruce Davis
Coral Draxten
Brad Dunn
Linda Engberg
Betty Ernst
Peter Farstad
Kevin Filter
Heidi Fisher
Jim Fitzhugh
Jeanette Fladebo
Billie Glade
Katherine Goodrich
Morris Goodwin
Richard Gross
Arline Hagen
Rodney Hald
Phillip Hansen
Lorraine Hart
Todd Hauschildt
Jill Heath
Elizabeth Heegaard
Peter Heegaard
Elayne Hengler
Cory Hoepner
Diane Hovis
Michele and Peter Johnson
Charles Jorgensen
Michael and Theresa Karels
Joanne Kendall
Kris Kewitsch
Kate Khaled
Jessica Khan
Cindy Kleven
Richard Kraft
Brad Kruse
Jerry Kunzer
Gregg Larson
Anne Leck
Vivita Leonard
Deb Loon Stumbras
Dian Lopez
Julie McCarty
Carla McGrath
Marlene McKeown
Harold Meissner
Viola Michaelson
Lydia Midness
Peter Mitchelson
Linda Nelson
Tom Nelson
Joan and Dick Niemiec
Justin Palecek
Robert Pennington
C.N. Peterson
Courtney Poja
Walter Pratt
Christopher Rasmussen
Susan Rausch
Leola Rempel
John Riehle
Kristin Rigg
Chuck Rudie
Bonnie Russ
James Rustad
Mac Ryerse
David Sanders
David Schumacher
Judith Schuster
Amy Sinykin
Marilyn Small
Robert Smith
Cynthia Sorenson
Susan Steward
Wendy Stone
Don Taylor
Tom Teigen
Beth Theobald
Jeff Thom
George Torrey
Jim Toscano
Libby Utter
Michael Vinyon
Avis Vlaar
Wendy Wehr
Steve Wentworth
Elizabeth Wexler
Dawne Brown White
John Yackel
Daniel Yang
Mary-Margaret Zindren

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