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Charities Review Council is filled with gratitude for the individuals and corporations who helped make our mission possible. From providing donors with what to look for in a nonprofit to the over 580+ organizations we worked with to meet the Accountability Standards® in 2017, our donors created a ripple in our community and world.

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Corporations & Foundations

3M Foundation
Alice and Fred Wall Family Foundation
Ameriprise Financial
Andersen Corporate Foundation
Blandin Foundation
Bush Foundation
Cargill Foundation
CDF Foundation
Charlson Foundation
Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Ecolab Foundation
Edina Community Foundation
Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, Inc.
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Fredrikson & Byron Foundation
Hugh J Andersen Foundation
Joyful Women Fund
Luther Automotive
Margaret Rivers Fund
Medica Foundation
Minneapolis Foundation
Onan Family Foundation
Otto Bremer Trust
RBC Foundation – USA
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Securian Foundation
Target Foundation
The Head Family Foundation
WBF Foundation, Inc.
Western National Insurance


Judy Alnes
Gordon and Josephine Bailey
Linda Bennett
Harley Bergren
Sarah Bjelland
James and Phyllis Bjork
Ardell Brede
Audrey Buss
Dr Frank Busta
Robert and Mary Jane Carlson
Patricia Carpenter
Tom Colbeth
Edward and Joanne Dandanell
Brad and Nancy Dunn
Shirley Edmonson
Linda Engberg
Betty and Henry Ernst
Peter Farstad
Kevin Filter
Jim and Judy Fitzhugh
Joseph Galush
Alan Geiwitz
Billie Glade
Doris Graf
Elizabeth and Mark Hagberg
Lorraine Hart
Peter and Anne Heegaard
Tony Helmer
Thomas Hoehn
Joseph and Jeannete Iverson
Charles and Sally Jorgensen
Joanne Kendall
Diane and Gordon Kepner
Kris Kewitsch and Michael Howes
Cindy Kleven
Brad Kruse
Jerry and Lucille Kunzer
Gregg Larson and Robert Carlson
Jerry Lashomb
Vivita Leonard
Carla McGrath and Cole Rogers
Marlene McKeown
Viola and Vernon Michaelson
Alice and Daniel Mikel
Peter Mitchelson and Judy Henderson
Kathy Mrozek
Linda Nelson
Tom and Janet Nelson
Diane Norland
Robert Pickering
Courtney Poja
Christopher Rasmussen
Mrs. Leola Rempel
Kristin Rigg and Jim Ronald
James Rustad
David and Miriam Sanders
Mary Jo Schifsky
Luther and Bernice Schmidt
David Schumacher
Judith and Bill Schuster
Cynthia Sorenson
Brenda Starr
Keith Tanski
Jeff and Cindy Thom
Tim Tormoen
George and Shirley Torrey
Carol Uppgaard
David and Ruth Waterbury
Mary and David West
Patty Wilder and Ryan Schroeder
Leonard Wilson
Dr. Donald and Phyllis Woodley
John and Eleanor Yackel

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