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Use the sample email below to encourage the organizations you support to Meet Standards®.
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Would you like to encourage a nonprofit whose mission you’re passionate about to Meet Standards®?

Our nonprofit review process is voluntary, meaning organizations can opt-in at any time. Donors (like you!) can feel confident using the language below to guide outreach to nonprofits not currently on our list. Simply copy, edit, and send!


Subject Line: Please Work with the Charities Review Council to Meet Standards®


I’m writing today because I’m invested in your mission and I’d like to support your work. I recently checked to see if your organization was listed on Charities Review Council’s Meets Standards® Nonprofit List and I was disappointed not to find your name. Making smart and informed giving decisions is important to me as a donor and Charities Review Council’s list of reviewed nonprofits helps guide my giving decisions.

With that in mind, I’d like to encourage you and your organization to get started with a review today! Getting started is easy, completely risk-free, and confidential; the staff at Charities Review Council will partner with your organization to help you Meet Standards®.

I’m confident that working with Charities Review Council will provide you with an easy way to build strong relationships with informed donors like me. To get started, reach out to the Charities Review Council at (651) 224-7030.  They are also available by email at For more information, visit

Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to supporting your mission in the future.

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