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Disaster Relief & Donations: What YOU Should Know

The recent fires in Maui have created a critical need for immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts. As the community grapples with the devastation caused by these fires, donation efforts play a pivotal role in addressing both immediate and future challenges. Donations can be used to provide emergency assistance such as shelter, food, and medical… Read more

Small Donations Are Big Wins Too

Donors, if you are wondering whether making a small donation to an organization is worthwhile… It is!  Development Directors, if you are wondering whether stewardship of small gifts is worthwhile… It is!   The definition of small is relative to each individual donor and nonprofit, but there is a universal truth about small donations –… Read more

Meet the Council’s 2023 Interns

We are pleased to introduce our newest interns. Welcome, Xena Dameh and Marshall Kelly! Both undergraduates at the University of Minnesota, Xena and Marshall are on different career paths but share an interest in and appreciation for the nonprofit sector’s role in building strong communities. Find Xena and Marshall’s bios here, and read on to… Read more

Corporate Philanthropy in Minnesota

Charities Review Council’s Executive Director, Kris Kewitsch, spoke with the Star Tribune for their Curious Minnesota section to help answer: “Minnesota was once a leader in corporate philanthropy. Is that still true?” There are around 100 companies, part of the Minnesota Keystone Program, that give 5%+ of their pre-tax earnings to charity. In 2022, U.S… Read more

How Holistic Charity Ratings Are Earning Donor Confidence and Elevating Nonprofit Missions

In the world of philanthropy, donors often rely on third-party evaluations to make informed decisions about where to allocate their charitable contributions. Among these evaluative tools, Charity Navigator has emerged as a prominent rating system. However, recent findings from a blog post published on shed light on potential concerns regarding the effectiveness and reliability… Read more

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