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3 Tips for Breaking Patterns this Giving Season

This article was originally posted in the fall 2019 edition of the Smart Giver Newsletter. To view the newsletter, click here.  Earlier this year, we hosted FORUM 2019: Breaking Patterns—a gathering for Minnesota’s engaged and passionate civic-minded leaders. Why “Breaking Patterns” you might ask? Well, we knew we needed to explore power and patterns of… Read more

Meet Kennon Wales

As a small (but mighty) team, we rely on the contributions of paid interns to accomplish our work. This week, we’re excited to welcome our new Council intern, Kennon! Kennon is a student completing her final year at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities studying Political Science and Technical Writing and Communication with the sub-plan… Read more

Our Journey Through the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has long been a top priority for Charities Review Council. However, from 2013-2016 we found that 86% of our nonprofit partners needed additional support in order to meet our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Accountability Standard®, and we knew we needed to do more.   So in 2017, we launched The Diversity, Equity &… Read more

FORUM 2019: Breaking Patterns

On Tuesday, May 14th, we hosted FORUM 2019: Breaking Patterns! The FORUM is Charities Review Council’s gathering for engaged and passionate civic-minded leaders. Building on what we heard from our community and previous event attendees, we landed on the theme “Breaking Patterns.” Why Breaking Patterns you might ask? Well, when we reflected on learnings from… Read more

The Importance of Website Security for Nonprofits

When donors give to a nonprofit, they consider so many factors like which cause to support, how much to give, when to give and more. One thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is whether it’s safe to give. That’s why we created our Donor Financial Information Accountability Standard®, which requires that donors financial information… Read more

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