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New Board Members Ryan & Stephen Talk Accountability Standards®

This is part four of our Board of Directors blog series. Thank you for tuning in!  Our co-created Accountability Standards® serve as a framework for building celebrated and productive relationships between donors, nonprofits, and the general public. With the Standards at the heart of our mission, our board and staff are working together to build… More

Meet DeeDee LeMier: Our New Engagement & Outreach Manager

We’re excited to welcome DeeDee LeMier to the Charities Review Council team! DeeDee is a graduate of Hamline University, with a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, with an emphasis in Business and an emphasis in Organizational Communication. She is a passionate community developer and organizer, with outreach experience… More

ICA Food Shelf & The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit

At Charities Review Council, we not only review organizations using our co-created standards of nonprofit strength, but we also provide support and tools for our nonprofit partners to succeed. We view this relationship as a true partnership, working together to reach shared goals for success. Yet, from 2013-2016 we found that 86% of our nonprofit… More

Say Hello to our Executive Committee

This is part three of our four-part Board of Directors blog series. Stay tuned for our final post, coming soon! A nonprofit’s success starts with its leadership. Guiding Charities Review Council’s Board of Directors is a tenacious team of officers who bring a variety of experiences, perspectives, and skills to the table. As we continue… More

Meet Long-Standing Council Board Members Courtney & Robert

This is part two of our four-part Board of Directors blog series. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon! Charities Review Council’s board and staff created a new, community-focused plan when it completed strategic planning last year. Long-time board members, like Courtney and Robert, helped guide this work, ensuring it was bold and aspirational, yet… More

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