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Collaboration through the Years

At Annual Forum 2015 we talked Radical Collaboration as a way to launch into a new era philanthropy where donors and nonprofits are working together towards the greater good. MAP for Nonprofits has been helping nonprofit organizations explore and construct alliances and strategic restructuring since 2007 through mergers, joint ventures, program transfers, shared services and… More

Meet Katy Putzker

Charities Review Council is excited to welcome Katy Putzker as our new Nonprofit Services Intern! Katy is currently a junior at the University of Minnesota where she studies Nonprofit Management and Marketing (talk about a perfect fit!). Originally from Montana, Katy moved to the Twin Cities for school but is no stranger to the state… More

Radical Collaboration: Making New (Weird) Connections

Leaders, innovators, collaborators, get ready! Annual Forum 2015 is just around the corner on Tuesday, September 22nd. To kick-off the annual forum experience, we’re beginning the day with Radical Collaboration: Making New Connections, a fun and interactive networking event. We’re asking attendees to take a risk, challenge the status-quo, and be willing to engage with a… More

NEW! Better Together Award

At Charities Review Council, our focus is on building authentic relationships between donors and nonprofits using our Accountability Standards®, by providing the spaces, places, and tools to do just that. We know that our community is stronger when donors and nonprofits deliver the greater good in partnership. In fact, nothing excites us more than when… More

Philanthropy 2.0: Radical Collaboration

We took a risk! In 2014, we expanded our traditional keynote Annual Forum luncheon to be a full-day, interactive, learning and networking experience. We created a place where the full spectrum of Minnesota’s philanthropic community could come together to honor the history of generosity, and together imagine a new future where donors, funders, nonprofit and community… More

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