Maximizing Your Impact as a Donor: Giving Strategically on Give to the Max Day 2023

As a donor, your support can make a world of difference to the causes and organizations you care about. With Give to the Max Day 2023 just around the corner – Thursday, November 16 – it’s the perfect time to reflect on your charitable contribution plan and ensure you’re making the most of your giving opportunities. Here are some valuable insights to help you give strategically and maximize your impact. 

Support Nonprofits with a Gift to Charities Review Council  

When you donate to the Council, you help inform donors like yourself, empower nonprofits doing good in your community, and build a strong, accountable philanthropic culture in Minnesota and beyond.   

A gift to the Council this Give to the Max Day strengthens communities by providing resources and powering online tools for donors and nonprofits alike. Give to the Max Day supports early giving any time between November 1 and November 16. Consider a contribution to the Council and one (or more!) of your favorite Meets Standards® nonprofits this November.    

Assess Your Charitable Contribution Plan 

Before you dive into the excitement of Give to the Max Day, take a moment to assess your charitable contribution plan for the rest of the year. Ask yourself: 

  • Do I have a budget? Setting a budget for your charitable year-end giving helps you allocate your resources effectively and ensures your giving aligns with your financial goals. 
  • What causes resonate with me? Reflect on the causes and organizations that matter most to you. Knowing your priorities will help you direct your donations where they can have the most significant impact. 
  • Have I done my research? Research the organizations you plan to support. Text reads: Charities Review Council Meets Standards, The text is placed on a circular logo with a green outline.Look into their mission, impact, and financial transparency. Check to see if the organizations you want to support have the Council’s Meets Standards® seal. Visit for the complete list of reviewed nonprofits. Websites like Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and GiveMN also provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions.

Leverage Employer Matching Gifts 

Many employers offer matching gift programs, which can significantly amplify the impact of your donations. If your company offers such a program, don’t forget to take advantage of it. Employer matching gifts essentially double your contribution, allowing you to support your chosen nonprofits even more effectively. Check with your HR department or corporate website for information on your employer’s matching gift policies and procedures. 

Explore Giving Tools 

Give to the Max Day presents an opportunity to explore various giving tools and strategies that can enhance your philanthropic efforts. Consider the following options: 

  • Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs): DAFs allow you to set aside funds for charitable giving and make grants to nonprofits over time. They provide flexibility and strategic planning in your philanthropy. Read more from the Council about DAFs. 
  • Monthly Recurring Gifts: Commit to making monthly donations to your chosen nonprofits. Recurring gifts provide stability and ongoing support, allowing organizations to plan for the long term. 
  • Explore Other Giving Vehicles: Research other giving vehicles such as charitable trusts, endowments, and impact investing to align your giving with your financial goals and values. 

Give to the Max Day 2023 is not just about making donations; it’s an opportunity to engage with the causes you care about and make a meaningful impact in your community. By assessing your charitable contribution plan, leveraging employer-matching gifts, and exploring giving tools, you can ensure that your philanthropy aligns with your values and achieves the greatest good. Get ready to make a difference on November 16 and beyond. 

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