Unveiling Give to the Max Day Results & Leaning Into Year-End Giving

Give to the Max Day recently concluded, and the results are in—an impressive $34,200,792 raised by 6,615 organizations. Among those organizations is the Charities Review Council, and we take this opportunity to thank the donors that contributed $1360 to the Council during this year’s GTMD!

Give to the Max Day’s fundraising success underscores the significance of year-end giving and the pivotal role organizations committed to transparency and equity play in creating strong, vibrant, and just communities.

Charities Review Council goes beyond sharing traditional fundraising strategies by providing valuable educational tools for nonprofits. The Accountability Wizard®, a unique online capacity-building tool, empowers organizations to showcase their internal strength based on Accountability Standards®. This risk-free assessment process guides nonprofits toward achieving the distinguishing Meets Standards® Seal.

Moreover, the Council offers the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit, designed for nonprofits aiming to enhance effectiveness from within. This accessible self-administered tool evaluates and strengthens three critical areas: People, Processes, and Power structures. The toolkit equips organizations to foster diversity, demonstrate an inclusive culture, and make equitable decisions.

For those navigating the comprehensive Accountability Wizard® Review Process for their organization, the Council introduces the Guided Review add-on. This personalized service provides initial guidance, ensuring a smooth start to the assessment process. Regardless of size, nonprofits benefit from the additional support in creating a culture of transparency, aligning practices for mission impact, and receiving one-on-one attention to enhance their organizational assessment proficiency.

As year-end giving gains momentum in December, the Council stands as a beacon, offering nonprofits the tools to navigate the complexities of accountability, transparency, and equity, ultimately fostering a stronger and more impactful sector.

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