FORUM 2017: Forging Trust

Event Recap

On May 9th, 2017, we hosted FORUM 2017: Forging Trust– our bi-annual gathering for Minnesota’s most engaged and passionate nonprofit and philanthropic leaders. With an inspiring keynote from DeRay Mckesson, an educator, civil rights activist and leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, followed by an intimate and unique panel discussion from philanthropic heavy hitters- Kris Kewitsch, Magui Rubalcava Shulman, Anita Patel, and Jonathan Palmer, FORUM 2017 deconstructed one of the biggest hurdles of relevancy facing the sector: How to build trust. Panelist Magui Rubalcava Shulman said it best when she said,“If you want to connect, you first have to dismantle the distrust we have…”

“Working with distrust to build trust is now part of an affirmative vision for my organization’s future.” – FORUM 2017 Attendee

For us, forging trust also meant moving from conversations and dialogue to tangible and actionable next steps. Unveiled at FORUM 2017, Charities Review Council’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Toolkit was designed to help organizations across sectors take that next step on their journey towards equity.

“I’m leaving with a plan to move from intentions and conversations to real action.” – FORUM 2017 Attendee

Why a toolkit you ask? Well, from 2013-2016, Charities Review Council found that more than 86% of nonprofit organizations served needed assistance before meeting the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Accountability Standard®. Nonprofit leaders shared a need for a tool that was affordable, focused on organizational development (versus individual training), and self-administered, not requiring the assistance of a consultant to decipher the results.

“How will you show up to be a bridge between the ideas of equity and the actions of equity?” – FORUM 2017 Attendee

To “be the bridge between the ideas of equity and the actions of equity” Charities Review Council developed the DEI Toolkit. Not just for nonprofit organizations, businesses,  schools, and local municipalities can use the Toolkit to build a more effective and reflective organization from the inside out. The Toolkit provides a resource for conscious organizational reflection and action. It helps organizations understand their own internal diversity, set goals, and commit to organizational priorities that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Want to start #ForgingTrust in your organization? Get started with The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit today!

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