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Unveiling Give to the Max Day Results & Leaning Into Year-End Giving

Give to the Max Day recently concluded, and the results are in—an impressive $34,200,792 raised by 6,615 organizations. Among those organizations is the Charities Review Council, and we take this opportunity to thank the donors that contributed $1360 to the Council during this year’s GTMD! Give to the Max Day’s fundraising success underscores the significance… Read more

Working Toward Equity: 8 Action Steps for your Board & Staff

On June 1st, Charities Review Council (the Council) closed for the day to give our staff, board, and constituents a moment to reflect on the loss of George Floyd. Since then, our conversations at the Council have centered around what we can do — both now and in the future — to recenter our mission around equity… Read more

Meet New Board Members Sukanya & Megan

This is part one of our four-part Board of Directors blog series. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!  A strong and cohesive nonprofit Board of Directors is essential to organizational success. Nonprofit boards are responsible for holding the organization accountable to the public through financial oversight, appointing an Executive Director, and maintaining control of… Read more

Accountability Matters

It’s been three months since the new Accountability Wizard® was launched, and the response has been remarkable. Within the first two days, over a dozen nonprofits got started with a review and to date, more than 150 nonprofits have created an account in the Accountability Wizard® and begun the process. Several nonprofits have already met… Read more

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