Transforming Philanthropy

A Look into Our New Strategic Plan

Charities Review Council is excited to announce the approval of our new strategic plan!

A lot has changed since our founding in 1946. Over the 72+ years of Council history, we’ve transitioned from working on donor education and donor protection, to focusing on nonprofit capacity-building and donor engagement.

Today, we serve as “an asset building partner for donors and nonprofits, with a focus on making donors smarter and nonprofits stronger,” says past board chair, Patty Wilder.

Today, we’re focused on building donor and nonprofit relationships that foster trust, authentic engagement, and the creation of community-centered solutions. Why? We believe that authentic donor and nonprofit relationships support strong, vibrant and just communities. This is central to our new strategic plan, which includes changes to our vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. Our new vision statement is bold, aspirational, and future-focused. We also gave our mission statement a refresh, transitioning towards a relationship based approach that better communicates our desired impact.

Vision Statement

Transforming Philanthropy.

Mission Statement

Building donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant and just communities.

This update “recognizes the importance of authentic and engaged relationships between donors and the causes they care about,” says Executive Director, Kris Kewitsch.

Guided by our new vision and mission statement, our strategic framework includes innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of donors and nonprofits, with a…

Renewed focus on community-centered solutions

To create the strong, vibrant and just communities we envision, we must bring donors, funders, and nonprofits together in ways that encourage trust, authentic engagement, and the creation of solutions that work for everyone.

Goal to inspire and support culturally responsive giving

We are stronger when we create a more representative, open, and welcoming environment for all stakeholders. By collaborating with culturally specific and POC/I (Person of Color & Indigenous)– led organizations, elevating awareness about culturally specific giving practices, and adapting our resources to better serve culturally specific organizations, we will move in the direction of our goal.

Focus on leading the way

We challenge ourselves to not only do good work internally but to co-create new relationships and solutions that advance the greater good. We are excited to convene forums that push the boundaries of philanthropy, explore opportunities to expand our programs nationally, and establish the Council as a thought leader in engaged and authentic nonprofit and donor relationships.

Central mindset of growth

By implementing processes for ongoing board and leadership development, assessing organizational systems, and reviewing financial practices and policies, we envision a commitment to the long-term that builds success upon success.

In addition, we will continue our core work on…

Donor and Nonprofit Capacity-Building

  • Advancing donor and nonprofit relationships through our online, capacity-building tools and resources, like The Accountability Wizard®
  • Connecting informed donors to strong nonprofits so they can make smart giving decisions
  • Elevating inclusive and impactful giving strategies

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • With gatherings like FORUM 2017: Forging Trust, and our upcoming FORUM 2019, we aim to connect stakeholders in  creative and meaningful ways
  • By exploring strategic alliances that bolster philanthropic opportunities for both donors and nonprofits


  • We will hold ourselves, both as an organization and as individuals, to high standards, emphasizing integrity, honesty, transparency, and reliability

To create these spaces, we need you.

We challenge you to bring your voice, perspective, and creativity to the table, helping us create a better future for donors, nonprofits, and communities. To learn more about our strategic framework click here or email us at

Thank you to all who have been partners in this work. Gregg Larson, our recently elected Board Chair shares his excitement saying, “as I step into my new role as Board Chair, I look forward to expanding the ways Charities Review Council helps deepen donor and nonprofit relationships.” 

We are excited to embark on these next steps and hope you’ll join us! Stay up-to-date with Charities Review Council updates throughout the year.

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