Meet Allison Perales

Our New Nonprofit Services Intern

As a small (but mighty) team, Charities Review Council relies on the contributions of paid interns to deliver on our mission. This week, we’re excited to welcome Allison Perales to the Council team.

Read on to learn more about Allison, her connection to the Council’s work, favorite nonprofit causes, and more!

Allison’s pronouns are she/her/hers. She is a current third year at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, majoring in Global Studies with a Cultural Analysis in Latin America and minoring in Anthropology. Allison is extremely passionate in spreading awareness for marginalized voices and creating more spaces that talk about the inequalities of race, class, and gender. She is so excited to learn more about nonprofits and how the Council’s nonprofit review process can continue to create a safe and welcoming community. Allison is most looking forward to all the professional development that this role will bring.

What is your favorite nonprofit or cause?

One of my favorite nonprofits or causes is Midwest Mixed. They are a new, local nonprofit that I have previously worked with. They are an organization that strives to recognize the growing number of people who identify as mixed race and they see the urgency of shining light on the diverse experiences of mixed people and families, as well as putting forward stories that can both unite us, and also deepen our analysis of the state of racial issues in this world. As someone who identifies as biracial, it is very touching that space was created to center around the experiences of mixed race.

How have you seen nonprofits play a role/show up in community?

Nonprofits play a huge role in fostering a safe space for the community that centers around a unique narrative. Through my work with cultural student groups on the University of Minnesota – TC campus, like Asian-American Student Union and Hmong Minnesota Student Association, I have seen the amazing and interdependent relationship of the organization and the community. Without one or the other, the mission and events are impossible. During my internship, I look forward to learning more about the Twin Cities nonprofit sector and deepening my understanding of how nonprofits are improving Minnesota.

When you’re not connecting with donors and nonprofits at the Council, what do you like to do for fun?

I am an extrovert, so I love spending quality time with my friends and family. I also love trying new things so my ideal day would be going to ride all the rollercoasters at an amusement park I’ve never been to before and then trying new foods at a food truck fare after. I also have an affinity for traveling all over the world. I have traveled to Hawaii, Spain, Mexico and have plans to go to Denmark and Italy soon!

What is your favorite TV Show?

My favorite TV Show right now would have to be Grey’s Anatomy. The recent seasons of the show have incorporated so many real-world issues like sexual assault awareness, DACA, the importance of gender pronouns, etc.

We’re thrilled to have Allison with us this summer! Join us in welcoming Allison to the Council team by sending a quick note (and maybe a favorite travel spot) to

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