(Let Us Be) Your Guide on Accountability Wizard® Guided Reviews

So, you’ve done your research and decided (correctly so!) that Charities Review Council’s Accountability Wizard® is a valuable investment for your organization’s health and reputation. You know it will: 

  • Create a shared culture of transparency and trust as you engage your board and staff around accountability issues.  
  • Assist in aligning your organizational practices and procedures.  
  • Set your nonprofit apart from other organizations and build trust with donors by earning your Meets Standards® Seal. 

However, you’ve decided you’d rather walk this path with some assistance. No problem, let us be your guide! The fundamental work of Charities Review Council is in partnership with nonprofits (and donors!), and our Accountability Wizard® learning tool and assessment are no different. We offer a Guided Review – an appealing option for nonprofits less practiced in organizational assessment, or for leaders who appreciate an external deadline to avoid this project being pushed back by competing priorities, or simply for verbal/external processors that prefer talking through complexities.  

Now, you’re ready for the next steps: 

  • After enrollment, you will spend about 2 hours uploading documents and answering questions to the best of your ability. (This portion is self-paced; you can work on this incrementally. You can save your progress and return as many times as you need.) 
  • Then, we will reach out and schedule a 2-hour, one-on-one session. 
  • During the Guided Review, we’ll go through the Accountability Wizard® review process question by question. You’ll leave the meeting with a detailed list of next steps, or action items as we like to call them, to take back to your organization. Once the action items are complete and approved by our Nonprofit Services Team, you’ll be added to Charities Review Council’s list of strong and trustworthy Meets Standards® organizations. 

Here is how one organization recently benefitted from the Accountability Wizard® Guided Review: 

New Vision Foundation Executive Director & Founder Hussein Farah recently took action to best support his organization during a time of significant growth.  

“I had my hands full adding staff and expanding statewide, so the thought of undertaking the Accountability Wizard at the same time was a bit daunting. But, I also knew it would be a great tool for the organization – to create a roadmap and to grow with care and stability. When I heard about Charity’s Guided Review, I knew it was the best option for me. I greatly appreciated the direction the guided review process provided, instead of piecing it all together myself in the midst of everything else I was balancing. I’d recommend the guided review to anyone who is hesitating to take that first step with the Accountability Wizard!”

The decision is yours – a self-guided or a Council-guided Accountability Wizard® Review. As your partner, our team is here to answer your questions either way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at wizard@smartgivers.org! 

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