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3 Signs A Nonprofit Loves Its Donors

Kris Kewitsch | Executive Director, Charities Review Council | February 2024  3 Signs A Nonprofit Loves Its Donors They tell you!   A nonprofit that values its donors takes the time to express gratitude and to explain the positive impact you as a donor have on the organization. They know simple actions are sometimes the most… Read more

Navigating the Israel and Gaza International Crisis: Vetting Humanitarian Organizations and Giving Globally

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a complex and long-standing issue that has had profound local and global consequences. The ongoing crisis calls for support from around the world, and the importance of supporting humanitarian organizations cannot be overstated. However, ensuring that your contributions make a meaningful impact and reach those in need can be a complex… Read more

Disaster Relief & Donations: What YOU Should Know

The recent fires in Maui have created a critical need for immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts. As the community grapples with the devastation caused by these fires, donation efforts play a pivotal role in addressing both immediate and future challenges. Donations can be used to provide emergency assistance such as shelter, food, and medical… Read more

Charities Review Council’s Donor Survey

In partnership with The Improve Group, Charities Review Council (the Council) conducted a 2019 donor survey to increase Minnesota’s knowledge about donors and charitable giving. As an organization that partners with both donors and nonprofits, we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what inspires donors to give (or not give) and the tools and… Read more

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