Year in Review 2022

We are pleased to share our 2022 year in review with you!

Population Served

Charities Review Council serves donors, funders, and nonprofits, focusing on strong, authentic relationships between these philanthropic partners.


Program Services & Engagement

We deliver on our mission through three key programs: Donor-Nonprofit Relations, Donor Services, and Nonprofit Services. Below are 2022 program engagement outcomes.

Donor-Nonprofit Relations 

  • Through insightful content, engaged marketing, and refreshed mail and email lists, we increased online engagement 146% from 2021. This means more people are consulting our resources before making gifts so they can be informed and educated around their philanthropy. 
  • Our communications continued to outpace industry standards, and we increased our e-newsletter open rate from 29% in 2021 to 35% in 2022, reflecting greater engagement with our audiences.
  • We met our goal of including culturally specific philanthropy references and DEI considerations in at least 30% of our communications.

Donor Services

We support donors in partnering with strong, trustworthy, and accountable nonprofits in ways that advance the greater good. In 2022, this work included: 

  • 6,755 recipients receiving our Smart Giver Newsletter and 71,647 sessions on our website. 
    • We delivered an average increase of 30% engagement and reach across social media platforms this past year. Concerted efforts produced especially high engagement with donors during an important week of philanthropy, Give To The Max Day, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  • Supporting more than 1,000 donors with resources that lead them to more confidently give to strong nonprofits.Text reads: Charities Review Council Meets Standards, The text is placed on a circular logo with a green outline.

Nonprofit Services

We partner with nonprofits to build, recognize, and share their internal strength. Increasing accountability in 2022 included:

  • Serving more than 600 nonprofits via the Accountability Wizard® (our online capacity-building tool) and the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit.
    • We continue to make improvements to our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit webinar series, including streamlining the registration process and presentation. In 2022, we made adaptations to accommodate new Canadian subscribers and also started the customization process for government entities. 
  • 100% of nonprofits using the Accountability Wizard® that Meets Standards® indicated the review process was helpful in positioning their organization to “better/more effectively work toward its mission”, and 96% indicated it was helpful in making their organization “more accountable and transparent.”


At Charities Review Council, we believe that public disclosure of financial information demonstrates a nonprofit’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Therefore, we’ve included our IRS Form 990 below. 

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Our mission is building donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant and just communities. We envision healthy communities for all, benefiting from effective and trustworthy nonprofits that are supported by a well-informed public’s generosity.

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