Year in Review 2018

A Note from our Executive Director

We’re excited to share our 2018 year in review with all of you. Guided by our new strategic plan, the Council team has been hard at work delivering on our new vision and mission statement to transform philanthropy by building donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant and just communities. Here’s a look at what we accomplished this year…

Program Services & Accomplishments

We deliver on our mission through our three key programs: Donor-Nonprofit Relations, Donor Services, and Nonprofit Services. Check out our 2018 program accomplishments below!

Donor-Nonprofit Relations

At Charities Review Council, we work with donors and nonprofits to develop strong, authentic, and meaningful donor-nonprofit relationships. In 2018, we:

  • Gathered cross-sector leaders to inform our Standards Review process. In 2019, we launched brand-new Accountability Standards® for donors and nonprofits.
  • Utilized social media as a platform to connect donors and nonprofits. We saw a 14% increase in engagements per day on Twitter, with our engagement rate on LinkedIn more than tripling!
  • Began work on FORUM 2019: Breaking Patterns, our biennial gathering designed to optimize relationship-building and collaboration.

Donor Services

At Charities Review Council, we support donors in partnering with strong, trustworthy, and accountable nonprofits in ways that advance the greater good. In 2018, we:

  • Sent our Smart Giver Newsletter to over 7,300 constituents.
  • Responded to more than 1,000 donor support call and emails.
  • Served over 31,000 constituents through our website, blog, and social media.

Nonprofit Services

At Charities Review Council, we partner with nonprofit organizations, helping them to build and communicate their internal strength. In 2018, we:

  • Served more than 563 nonprofits through the Accountability Wizard® and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Toolkit.
  • Partnered with Leadership Balance to license a version of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit that can be used by for-profit companies. Royalties from this for-profit version will fund the ongoing development of the nonprofit version in a more sustainable way going forward.
  • 81% of our nonprofit partners reported making positive changes to strengthen their organization’s governance practices and policies.
  • 94%  of our nonprofit partners indicated that the Accountability Wizard® made their organization “more accountable and transparent.”
  • Hired an Engagement & Outreach Manager, DeeDee LeMier, to provide local and regional support to our donor and nonprofit partners. With DeeDee’s support, we’ve made great strides in engaging nonprofits in greater Minnesota.


At Charities Review Council, we believe that public disclosure of financial information demonstrates a nonprofit’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Therefore, we’ve included our year-end financial statements and IRS Form 990 below.

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