A Smart Giver’s Guide to Give to the Max Day 2021

Join in the giving celebration this year from November 1st – 18th.

It’s almost Give to the Max Day again! Whether you’re new to Minnesota’s annual giving holiday, or a seasoned pro who knows their way around the Golden Ticket prize pool, Charities Review Council is here to help you make giving decisions with confidence.

“Give to the Max is a celebration of the generosity of Minnesotans and the organizations which make our state stronger,” said Jake Blumberg, executive director of GiveMN. “Every dollar donated powers vital work being done in communities in every corner of Minnesota.”

At the Council, we love to celebrate what happens when donors and nonprofits come together. Give to the Max Day is no exception, so here’s a quick overview of what you can expect this year:

What is Give to the Max Day?

Give to the Max Day is a 24-hour online give-a-thon hosted by GiveMN at GiveMN.org. Since its inception in 2009 during the launch of GiveMN, Give to the Max Day has become Minnesota’s annual giving holiday, raising nearly $225 million in its first twelve years. Last year, donors gave $30.4 million for 6,114 nonprofits and schools, a record-breaking day during a record-breaking year of giving nationwide.

When is Give to the Max Day?

This year, Give to the Max Day will take place on Thursday, November 18th. If you’re eager to get started, Early Giving kicks off on November 1st.

Stay up-to-date during the 18 days of giving: Subscribe to our e-newsletter here. We’ll be sending regular emails throughout Early Giving and Give to the Max Day, with updates on the fundraiser and smart giving tips.

What is Early Giving?

Early Giving takes place between November 1st and 17th. This time period offers donors an opportunity to make their gifts ahead of time. Plus, each day of Early Giving offers another opportunity to win a $500 Golden Ticket prize.

Learn more about some of the amazing nonprofits you can support this year: Follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be highlighting all of our Meets Standards® nonprofits during Early Giving. The hundreds of nonprofits on our list do work across a wide variety of focus areas, which you can filter between using the dropdown menu on our nonprofit list. GiveMN.org also features different search filters to help you find nonprofits working in the causes you care about.

Wait — prizes? Golden Tickets?

You heard that right. GiveMN generously offers a $100,000+ prize pool during Early Giving and on Give to the Max Day. Each donation made at GiveMN.org (minimum donation of $5) counts as an entry for available Golden Ticket prizes. There are $500 Early Giving Golden Tickets, $1,000 Hourly Golden Tickets on Give to the Max Day, a $10,000 Super-Sized Golden Ticket, and more. You can learn more about prizes and eligibility here.

OK, I’m ready to participate. How do I get started?

That’s what we like to hear! The giving fun starts on November 1st. Simply head to GiveMN.org and start searching for the  organizations that mean the most to you.

Before you give: Check out our list of Meets Standards® Nonprofits. Organizations included on this list have taken steps to align their internal policies and procedures to widely-accepted standards showcasing nonprofit accountability and strength. These are nonprofits that you can trust and feel confident investing in.

When you donate to Charities Review Council, you help make resources like this one available to donors and help countless nonprofits achieve greater reach and impact as a result. Consider a gift to the Council and one (or more!) of your favorite Meets Standards® nonprofits this Give to the Max Day.

Happy Give to the Max Day, Smart Givers. Let’s start the celebration!

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