YWCA of Minneapolis

Mission Statement

The YWCA of Minneapolis is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and girls, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In addition to meeting the goals stated above during the 2014-15 fiscal year: 1) The YWCA of Minneapolis successfully completed the Power to Soar comprehensive campaign raising more than 22.5 million from more than 950 generous donors. 2) Seven YWCA Children’s Centers served 963 children from 755 families. For children served 6 months or longer - 95% of preschoolers met rigorous early learning standards indicating school readiness and 90% of infants through preschoolers were on-track with age appropriate development. 94% of families reported they would recommend our centers to other parents. 3) Five high quality afterschool and summer programs served 1,435 girls and youth ages 6-18 attending Minneapolis Public Schools. For youth who completed their program - 83% demonstrated improvement in academic success, positive social/emotional development, leadership skills or physical health, 86% demonstrated acceptable standards of school attendance, 96% stated it was important to them to graduate high school and 94% stated it was important to them to pursue post-secondary education. 4) Racial justice was promoted by partnering with individuals, organizations and businesses through racial equity training, consulting, advocacy, outreach, education and “transforming performance through the power of inclusion”. As a result - 7,200+ diverse individuals were empowered to take action to eliminate racism, 1,550+ people advocated for policy solutions to improve equity and access to high quality early childhood education and after-school programs for girls and youth, 97% of the 1,250+ diverse individuals attending It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race committed to take action to improve racial equity and 1,200+ adults and youth were equipped to lead in inclusive and equitable ways. 5) Three urban fitness centers were visited 838,293 times by 24,000+ individuals pursuing their health and wellness goals last year. 4,400+ youth, adults and families were awarded health & fitness scholarships, 1260 women and girls ages 13-78 registered for the YWCA Women’s Triathlon - 490+ were first-time triathletes and 294 were age 50 or more and 1,400+ silver members - age 65 and up - attended YWCA fitness classes gaining strength and flexibility.
Current Goals In addition to successfully serving 30,000+ people in our community through our innovative programs and advocacy in education, racial justice and wellness the YWCA is focusing on the following goals during the 2015-16 fiscal year: 1) Successfully deliver proven programs to the young people in our community, primarily children and youth of color living in low-income urban households. 2) Lead the way in providing access to quality early childhood education for all families, regardless of race, economics or culture. 3) Increase support and advocacy for sexuality education services for youth of color, including re-building our loss in funding in this area. 4) Continue to engage, connect and lead the community in eliminating racism. Build capacity while creating a sustainable infrastructure to manage and increase the consulting business of the Racial Justice group including expanding the reach of It’s Time to Talk nationally. 5) Deepen YWCA policy efforts in support of early childhood and enhance afterschool youth development policy initiatives 6) Continued work on the renovation of the Downtown YWCA with plans to complete in September 2016.
Community or Constituency Served The YWCA lives its mission and changes lives through innovative programs and advocacy in education, racial justice and wellness. Our promise is to equip people to create brighter futures for themselves, their families and their community. Each year we touch the lives of 30,000 individuals, primarily in Minneapolis. We provide services to 2,100+ diverse children and youth through high quality, culturally responsive early childhood education and afterschool youth development programs. 7,200+ diverse individuals are empowered to take action to eliminate racism and 1,550+ advocates raise awareness about policy solutions to improve equity and access to high quality early childhood education and afterschool programs for girls and youth. 24,000+ individuals utilize our three urban Health & Fitness facilities as members with 4,400+ members awarded scholarship support. In addition, 2,400+ community members pursue YWCA fitness opportunities, 1,400+ silver members, age 65 and up, experience YWCA fitness classes, and 2,000+ women build strength, dignity and vitality in wellness programs.
Geographic Area Served The YWCA of Minneapolis operates in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, with a focus on urban Minneapolis: • The YWCA owns and operates three buildings in the neighborhoods of Downtown, Uptown, Midtown and Midtown; these building house three YWCA Fitness Centers serving 24,000+ members, two of the six YWCA Children’s Centers and provide meeting rooms, program space, and office space for YWCA programs and organizational operations • YWCA of Minneapolis Children’s Centers operate in Minneapolis in the neighborhoods of Downtown, Midtown and Phillips; in Saint Paul in the neighborhoods of Downtown and Frogtown; and in Golden Valley, a Minneapolis suburb • Girls and Youth Programs operate year-round during out-of-school-time at Minneapolis Public Schools and YWCA locations • Racial Justice and Public Policy programs serve primarily the Twin Cities Metro area

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1130 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-332-0501
Website: ywcampls.org

General Information

Alternative Name: YWCA Minneapolis, Minneapolis YWCA
EIN: 41-0693891
Principal Staff: Becky Roloff
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 323
Number of Volunteers: 782
Number of Clients: 30,000+


Board Chair: Irene Quarshie
Number of Board Members: 41
Board Meetings with Quorum: 8
Average Member Attendance: 27.5

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