Mission Statement

Youthprise is a nonprofit intermediary that invests in the future of Minnesota by investing in youth. Our mission is to champion learning beyond the classroom so that all Minnesota youth thrive. Our ultimate ambition is to reduce racial disparities with and for Minnesota youth in the areas of learning and leadership, economic opportunity, and health and safety.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Learning and Leadership: Youthprise promotes the learning, leadership, and social-emotional development of youth. Programs and initiatives supported in this area expose youth to arts and culture, providing enrichment and youth leadership opportunities. We seek to shift how programs engage youth and support programs that engage youth in leadership and governance, a practice that we model at Youthprise. Young people are embedded across all areas of our organizational work as staff, and half of our 20 member board is between the ages of 16-24. Youthprise brought YouthBank International to the United States and funded 8 YouthBank sites that are centered around youth-driven philanthropy. Youthprise supported 10 Youth Change Fellows with implementation grants to fund their big ideas totaling $80,000. In 2016 Youthprise invested $2, 803,991 in Learning and Leaderhip for grants and strategic investments. Economic Opportunity: Youthprise creates opportunities for economic prosperity by supporting programs and initiatives that build workforce skills, promote youth entrepreneurship, and expose youth to career pathways. We work with a range of stakeholders across sectors to equip young people with the economic tools to thrive. Through the Social Innovation Fund, Youthprise selected 6 grantees to receive grants through Opportunity Reboot, a federally funded statewide initiative focused on economic development of young people. As an organization committed to youth entrepreneurship, Youthprise invested directly in 5 young entrepreneurs through YES! Fund grants totaling $25,000. We formed numerous partnerships to catalyze investments in young people and in 2016 Youthprise successfully leveraged many new commitments in support of Minnesota youth. In 2016 Youthprise invested $508,614 in Economic Opportunity for grants and strategic investments. Health and Safety: Youthprise supports programs and initiatives that promote the health and safety of young people. In addition to ensuring that basic health needs are met through our Nutrition Program, we take a holistic approach to health and safety and advance intervention strategies that prevent the criminalization of youth, which can pose a threat to public safety. In 2016 Youthprise expanded our Nutrition Program which served 1,500 unduplicated youth with 125,000 meals and snacks at 26 sites. Additionally we support a number of initiatives that seek to reduce disparities in the juvenile justice system and contact between non-violent youth and law enforcement. In 2016 Youthprise invested $1,056,073 in grants and strategic investments.
Current Goals 2017-2019 ORGANIZATIONAL WORKPLAN 1 GET Goal: Leverage resources, increase revenue, and achieve financial sustainability to address racial disparities with and for youth. Core Areas of Work Success Indicators Additional Checks Youth make key decisions? (Yes/No) Advances racial equity? (Yes/No) • Increase development capacity • Development positions hired • Development goals outlined and achieved • Advance fiscal management practices • Financial sustainability analyzed and achieved • Improve organizational effectiveness • Organizational effectiveness analyzed and documented • Youthprise better aligned and more impactful • Create a culture of philanthropy • Board and staff more versed in philanthropy • Board and staff more engaged in fundraising • Develop and utilize decision-making filters to ensure alignment of work that happens at tipping points for systems change • Decision-making filters developed and utilized consistently • Work alignment analyzed and documented • Filters accurately determine tipping points for systems change • Develop partnerships with government agencies to re-grant public dollars, access new resources, advocate for policy changes, and collaborate with agencies and individuals to pool resources • Renew existing funding and increase state and federal funding to $6.71 million • Increase strategic investments to $9.31 million • Meet the public support test percentage • Increase public support test to 33.333% 2017-2019 ORGANIZATIONAL WORKPLAN 2 GIVE Goal: Make targeted strategic investments in initiatives that address the largest racial disparities with and for youth. Core Areas of Work Success Indicators Additional Checks Youth make key decisions? (Yes/No) Advances racial equity? (Yes/No) • Evaluate practices, processes, and communications • External survey is conducted • Grantmaking plans revised and implemented in response to survey feedback • Manage multiple grant processes to make targeted strategic investments in initiatives that address the largest racial disparities with and for youth • Increase strategic investments to $9.31 million • Grantmaking impact is documented, including: o Greater organizational strength o Greater program impact o Increase in youth participation and outcomes o Increase in organizations advancing racial equity through governance, operations, and programs 2017-2019 ORGANIZATIONAL WORKPLAN 3 SHARE Goal: Share knowledge, disseminate lessons learned, and spread practices that address racial disparities with and for youth. Core Areas of Work Success Indicators Additional Checks Youth make key decisions? (Yes/No) Advances racial equity? (Yes/No) • Facilitate and participate in learning communities to share successes, accelerate innovation, and standardize practices • Learning communities impact analyzed and documented • Learning communities feel more competent or better positioned for success in achieving goals • Develop, test, and disseminate tools to advance best practices and professional development • Toolkits developed and disseminated • Evidence that toolkits are utilized and useful documented • Sponsor events to listen to and learn from youth and share knowledge to improve policy and practice • Events sponsored • Knowledge on improving policy and practice published • Utilize digital and print communications, and a robust social media presence, to advance the narrative and educate the general public • Public perception and understanding of Youthprise analyzed and documented • Public perception and understanding of Youthprise improved
Community or Constituency Served Founded in 2010 by The McKnight Foundation, Youthprise invests in the future of Minnesota by investing in youth. We work to shift the trajectory for underserved young people. Guided by a strengths-based approach, Youthprise works to transform how funders, institutions, providers and communities work with youth. Youthprise works on multiple levels: supporting nonprofit organizations that serve youth; aligning efforts through citywide and statewide initiatives; and providing opportunities directly to young people. Grounded in a commitment to addressing racial disparities, we strategically combine funding, capacity building, policy advocacy, and research and authentically engage young people in our governance and operations.
Geographic Area Served Minnesota

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3001 Broadway St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-564-4858

General Information

Alternative Name: None.
EIN: 27-4126970
Principal Staff: Wokie Weah
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 15
Number of Volunteers: 25
Number of Clients: We are not a direct service provider. Through grants and nutrition, approximately 30,000 are impacted.
Ruling Year: 2010


Board Chair: Joseph Stackhouse
Number of Board Members: 13
Board Meetings with Quorum: 4
Average Member Attendance: 9

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