Mission Statement

To increase equity with and for Minnesota's Indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Launched Youth participatory Action Research Tool Kit, Design Thinking Tool Kits, internal Youth Bill of Rights, Equity & Innovation in Expanded Learning Systems report, Championed and hosted national Out-of-School time training for racial equity, expansion of Nutrition Hub to Libraries, participated in the Elevate Children Fund international convening, hosted the Aspen Institute Minnesota learning tour. Invested $100,000 in YPAR projects that employ and train young people in Participatory Research. Health and Safety investments totaled $2,248,961: Youthprise supports programs and initiatives that promote the health and safety of young people. Nutrition Hub works with community-based organizations to access federal and state food programs so families have access to free food. In 2019 Youthprise expanded our Nutrition Hub which served to 65 sites, serving over 280K meals, and 5500 youth in five counties. Other initiatives include homelessness, pregnancy prevention, and disparities in the juvenile justice system. Learning and Leadership investments total $1,395,402: Including 55 convenings, five publications, and engaging 2056+ people. We embed young people across all areas of our organization, and we have 50% representation of youth on our Board of Directors, committees, and all are co-chaired by a young person. Economic Opportunity investments total $637,426: Programs and initiatives focus on workforce skills, youth entrepreneurship, and youth career pathways. Youthprise awarded grants to connect young people to high demand industries such as healthcare, IT, automotive, and customer service. Opportunity Reboot program served 1449 youth, placed 634 youth in jobs, and provided support for 337 youth to retain employment.
Current Goals Mobilize at least $8 million, invest at least $5 million, advance knowledge through 10 convenings and 20 publications, and advocate for change through passing 1 Youthprise priority bill to increase equity with and for Minnesota’s indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth. Youthprise’s grantmaking goals: Support 100 grantees and partners. Support 20% BIPOC-led organizations (BIPOC President, CEO, ED). Support 20% BIPOC-majority organizations (board, staff, participants). Increase Greater MN organizations supported by 5%. Invest $50,000 directly in MN youth. Youthprise’s programmatic goals: (1) LEARNING & LEADERSHIP: provide 400 computers for distance learning, 50 cities accessing computers, 75 youth accessing afterschool activities via MN tax credit, 43 youth engaged in philanthropy and 80 youth engaged in research to create change in their own communities. (2) ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: 1200 youth accessing job training and support services, 240 youth placed in jobs, 125 credentials provided for high-demand industries. HEALTH & SAFETY: serve 1 million meals, provide 350 individual supports for youth in the juvenile justice system (rent, gift cards, etc.)
Community or Constituency Served Minnesota's Indigenous, Low-income, and BIPOC youth, their communities, and youth-serving organizations.
Geographic Area Served State of Minnesota

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Organization Last Reviewed on 11/06/2020

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3001 Broadway Street NE #330 #330
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413
Phone: 6125644858

General Information

Alternative Name: Youthprise, Youthprize, Minnesota Afterschool Advance, Youthbank USA
EIN: 27-4126970
Principal Staff: Wokie Weah
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 16.88
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: ~100 partners and ~300,000 youth
Ruling Year: 2011


Board Chair: Dan Haugen
Number of Board Members: 23
Board Meetings with Quorum: 8
Average Member Attendance: 10

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