Urban Boatbuilders

Mission Statement

Urban Boatbuilders empowers youth to succeed in work and life through woodworking and experiential learning.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2017, Urban Boatbuilders’ Partnership Program reached 1,329 students through partnership projects at 21 schools across the Twin Cities Metro Area. Through all those projects, students built 28 boats, 332 paddles and 16 skateboards. Urban Boatbuilders evaluates the Partnership Program impact using post-retrospective surveys and interviews. Impact Highlights from 2017 included the following. 100% of partners indicated that the program was successful in meeting their goals. 100% of partners indicated that the project helped their students (1) experience tangible success, (2) believe in their ability to succeed, (3) build new or stronger relationships with peers, (4) redefine the types of relationships that are possible with adults, teachers, or authority figures, (5) work through challenges they struggled with, and (6) practice leadership skills. 100% of partners indicated that this program is a “very good fit” for students who struggled in a traditional classroom setting. In 2017, Urban Boatbuilders’ Apprenticeship Program served 47 students, who worked with 4 instructors to build 12 boats and 47 paddles and toolboxes over the course of the year. 24 youth went on 3 separate multi-day wilderness trips to test out their craftsmanship and experience nature in their boats. The Apprenticeship Program is evaluated based on a series of post-retrospective surveys for youth and instructors, as well as both formal and informal interviews. Impact highlights from 2017 included the following. 100% of youth reported that the program helped them think more clearly about next steps to take to successfully achieve their goals. 100% of youth improved their employability. 94% of youth improved their confidence in their judgment when facing challenging tasks. 100% improved their ability to stay focused on tasks, manage distractions, and receive constructive feedback.
Current Goals All Programs: Research-based curriculum has been implemented across programs, assessed, and revised as necessary. Staff are trained in an identified youth development philosophy that guides our work and programming and coaching is in place to ensure fidelity to curriculum and outcomes There is a manageable portfolio of building projects that are empowering and attainable for youth. All items in place for this. Apprenticeship Program: The “pipeline to employment” plan has been enacted. Youth have built their employment networks and have the appropriate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to be successful in these positions. There are sufficient business partners to hire eligible youth. 70% of youth participate through the Senior Apprentice program (230 contact hours). Program has the ability to offer certificates that are transferable to other jobs and industries (i.e. OSHA10) by 01/2019. Additional social/emotional/behavioral assessment and support is provided to participants by a paid or volunteer social worker.
Community or Constituency Served Underserved youth ages 10-19 years old.
Geographic Area Served Twin Cities, MN

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2288 University Avenue West
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Phone: 651-644-9225

General Information

Alternative Name: UBB, Urban Boat Builders, Urban Boatbuilders, Inc.
EIN: 41-1831598
Principal Staff: Marc Hosmer
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 7
Number of Volunteers: 196
Number of Clients: 1150
Ruling Year: 1995


Board Chair: Hue Schlieu
Number of Board Members: 16
Board Meetings with Quorum: 7
Average Member Attendance: 12.6

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