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Mission Statement

Enrich lives and strengthen our community through the power of media.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Last year, TPT leveraged the power of media to: Help children learn: TPT presented PBSKids educational programming, which has been shown by 30 years of research to be highly effective in supporting early learning and school readiness. TPT also produced short-form media aimed at helping parents and caregivers support healthy brain development and nutrition in young children. Inform and engage Minnesotans: TPT’s public affairs program Almanac drew a weekly audience of 50,000 people and received very high marks for fairness (98% of survey respondents said the program is fair and non-partisan). TPT also provided full coverage of the state’s legislative session. Connect Minnesotans to the arts: TPT’s arts broadcasts Minnesota Original and The Lowertown Line featured Minnesota artists and helped them connect to new audiences. A survey found that 43% of viewers had attended a performance, visited a museum or bought art as a result of what they saw on the shows. Build community through stories that matter: TPT helped Minnesotans learn about the issues affecting their lives through long- and short-form programming, as well as in-person events, around issues including financial literacy, climate change, aging and access to healthy food. This included content created by, for and with immigrant communities, including multi-lingual content. Help people age well: TPT’s national digital platform, Next Avenue, reached more than 1.5 million people monthly, bringing them actionable content around the issues most relevant to people age 50+. Engaged Minnesotans through in-person programming. TPT drew approximately 15,000 people to events in its Street Space, including family days, screenings and discussions, arts performances, concerts and more. Support gender-equitable STEM learning: TPT led hands-on STEM learning activities in Minnesota and nationwide that engaged 60,000 young people. And TPT produced and distributed STEM-focused media content that engaged millions of girls and boys nationwide.
Current Goals In the current fiscal year, TPT will continue to provide exceptional educational and cultural programming to its diverse, multi-generational broadcast audience, while also building capacity for sustained digital innovation and leadership. TPT will produce original programming for local, regional and national audiences, including Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts; and original documentaries on Minnesota history. TPT will continue to help children learn and thrive through the best educational programming, including a new 24/7 Children’s channel. TPT will inform and engage Minnesotans statewide through its weekly public affairs broadcast, Almanac, as well as numerous documentaries on issues facing Minnesota communities. TPT will partner with nonprofits to create long- and short-form media that helps them achieve their missions and engage Minnesotans. TPT will connect Minnesotans with the arts through its flagship broadcast MN Original, and will engage the community with arts-focused and other programming in its Street Space. TPT will advance STEM learning through its national broadcast, SciGirls, and through extensive online and in-community programming. Finally, TPT will continue to grow its leadership in digital media, especially through its growing national platforms, Next Avenue and Rewire. Overall, TPT will serve more than 3 million people every month in Minnesota and beyond.
Community or Constituency Served At Twin Cities PBS (TPT), we tell stories that strengthen community. From WordGirl to Masterpiece to TPT’s original productions, we present stories that educate and inspire. Our digital platforms, Next Avenue and Rewire, reach rapidly growing audiences nationwide. Our children’s programming helps young people learn and thrive. And our new Street Space brings Minnesotans together for concerts, screenings, discussions and more. All together, TPT is reaching, informing, engaging and connecting with more people than ever before.
Geographic Area Served At TPT we do focus primarily on Minnesota activities, but we do have a national presence due to our STEM and other award winning programing, like Alzheimers: Every minute counts, as well as our Next Avenue and Rewire digital platforms.

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172 E Fourth Street
St Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651)2221717

General Information

Alternative Name: Twin Cities PBS, Twin Cities Public Television Inc. Twin Cities Public Media Commons, Inc. TPT
EIN: 41-0769851
Principal Staff: James Pagliarini
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 230
Number of Volunteers: 760
Number of Clients: over 3 million people served monthly
Ruling Year: 1958


Board Chair: Sally Mullen
Number of Board Members: 27
Board Meetings with Quorum: 8
Average Member Attendance: 14.9

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