Mission Statement

Tubman’s mission is to advance opportunities for change so that every person can experience safety, hope, and healing.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Highlights of our services in 2017: Safe Shelter and Housing: 282 adults and youth and their 410 children received shelter and housing, safety planning, supportive services, and community resources at two emergency shelters for domestic violence victims, Safe Journeys youth program, and 11-unit transitional housing program. Legal Advocacy and Representation: 4,232 clients received victim advocacy in criminal court; legal advocacy, advice, and attorney representation in Orders for Protection and family law cases; or legal helpline support from staff and volunteer attorneys and advocates. Mental and Chemical Health Clinics: 1,379 clients received mental and chemical health assessment or treatment in our state-licensed clinics. Violence Prevention: 8,823 adolescents participated in our 6-week, school-based curriculum, attended a healthy relationship presentation, or created their own violence prevention project. Youth Services: 966 youth and young adults experiencing or at risk of violence and exploitation received support services in our shelters and the community. Long-Term Goals: 1,015 clients addressed their wellness, financial, employment, education, or housing goals, individually or in group workshops or sessions. 24/7 Crisis Access: 10,630 people in crisis accessed support and resources or developed a safety plan, by phone or in person. Community Awareness and Education: 5,457 professionals, students, and community members learned about relationship violence and our services at 136 presentations and events.
Current Goals Tubman’s goal is to help individuals and families meet their basic needs during crisis, work toward self-sufficiency, and maintain a safe, healthy life and personal stability in the face of life's challenges. The agency is also committed to addressing the root causes of family violence and instability. Other goals include: 1) Prepare to sell Harriet Tubman Center West and move those services to Tubman Chrysalis Center and Harriet Tubman Center East in order to strengthen agency’s long-term financial stability by: Investing further in top quality direct services and the people who provide them; Reducing building debt; Growing repair and replacement reserves. 2) Conduct the Charities Review Council’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Toolkit Assessment with Board, Staff, and Volunteers; identify two-year objectives based upon results. 3) Add secure text message capability to our 24/7 help line, increasing access for people who prefer to text or cannot safely make a phone call.
Community or Constituency Served Our clients have little or no income and are likely to be young and from a community of color. 37% of clients are under age 18. Most adults are women. Over 85% have experienced physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or financial violence or exploitation, and many have experienced multiple forms of violence and exploitation. They may struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, economic instability and independence. Many have exhausted all other resources, are homeless, in an immediate emotional crisis, and seeking multiple services.
Geographic Area Served In 2017, 43% of Tubman clients lived in Ramsey County, 20% in Washington County, 32% in Hennepin County, 3% in other metro counties, and 2% outside the metro area.

Reports & Finances

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4432 Chicago Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Phone: 316-825-3333
Website: www.tubman.org

General Information

Alternative Name: Family Violence Network, Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter, Harriet Tubman Center, Tubman Family Alliance, Chrysalis A Center for Women, ElderCare Rights Alliance
EIN: 41-1240048
Principal Staff: Jennifer Polzin
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 109
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: 32,403
Ruling Year: 1974


Board Chair: Julie Loosbrock
Number of Board Members: 26
Board Meetings with Quorum: 10
Average Member Attendance: 19.8

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