Touchstone Mental Health

Mission Statement

Touchstone Mental Health inspires Hope, Healing and Well-Being.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Based on the agency’s goal to improve staff communication, reduce turnover, and increase staff training, we have improved the quality of care for our clients across the agency. Our data shows that clients have increased access to primary care, better social and community connections for support, and are overall making progress in their treatment goals. For example, Assisted living customized housing: 92% of clients have an identified primary care clinic (Minneapolis location) 47% participated in employment, education, or volunteer work (New Hope location) 63% (average) participated in community activities at least weekly (New Hope location) Intensive Community Rehabilitative Services 96% of clients retained community tenure 95% made progress towards achieving recovery goals 78% reduced use of emergency services including hospitalization Intentional Communities 95% of clients had housing in the last 12 month or longer 85% of clients made progress in their treatment plan goals 85% of clients participated in school, work, or volunteer activities Residential Treatment 100% of clients had an up-to-date annual physical 100% of clients have an identified primary care clinic or provider 92% of clients are making progress in their treatment goals 83% of clients were discharged to a less restrictive setting.
Current Goals 1. By YE 2015 100% of programs will be tracking and utilizing the agency wide comprehensive quality scorecard 2. 100 % of leadership competencies will be included in job descriptions and interviewing questions 3. By YE 2015 80% of staff will be satisfied with technology tools provided by the agency 4. By YE 2015 Touchstone will not exceed 55% annual turnover for MHA, MHW 5. By YE 2015 90% of employees will be satisfied with internal communications 6. By YE 2015 90% of TMH staff will receive training regarding specialized care for older adults with a mental illness.
Community or Constituency Served Touchstone Mental Health serves adults (18yrs and older) whose lives are affected by mental illness. Many of the individuals in our programs suffer from severe mental illness or severe and persistent mental illness. Our Health and Wellness center provides integrative care and disease management to individuals affected by mental illness and the general public.
Geographic Area Served Touchstone Mental Health service clients in the Twin Cities metro area, particularly in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties.

Reports & Finances

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2312 Snelling Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: 612-874-6409

General Information

Alternative Name: Touchstone
EIN: 41-1920740
Principal Staff: Ellie Skelton
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 123.6
Number of Volunteers: 20
Number of Clients: 1213
Ruling Year: 1999


Board Chair: Leigh Erin Irons
Number of Board Members: 13
Board Meetings with Quorum: 7
Average Member Attendance: 9.7

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