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The Reporters Inc. is a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] journalistic production house. We’re dedicated to promoting social awareness, encouraging social change and championing social justice through powerful multimedia storytelling. - See more at:

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Accomplishments In 2016, we continued to make significant progress on a documentary about a transgender subculture involving female impersonators. Titled "The Queens," it was set to premiere at the Pride of the Ocean Film Festival in March 2017. We created a Facebook page for the project this year and it currently has 775 likes/followers. More information and four trailers for the film can be found on our website at: Also in 2016, we continued work on a major documentary about wrongful convictions, which we’re calling "The Innocent Convicts." The film will profile several major cases across the country; in 2016 we shot elements in California, Minnesota and Wisconsin, connected to the cases of exonerees Uriah Courtney, Michael Hansen, Audrey Edmunds and the mysterious death of Tom Monfils in a Green Bay paper mill in 1992. Six men were convicted of his murder; one has been exonerated. The other five men remain behind bars but a new legal effort, in conjunction with the MN and WI Innocence Projects, is underway to clear their names. We have reached out to PBS stations across the country to gauge their support and interest in airing the completed production and received Letters of Intent from PBS stations in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kansas Wyoming, Minnesota and Maryland. Their support virtually guarantees national distribution. To fund the project, we have sought out grants and received a major gift from the Minnesota Bar Association Foundation. We've also raised funds via a crowdfunding campaign with IndieGoGo. We created a Facebook page for the project this year and it has 1,133 followers/likes. More information, as well as three trailers for the film, can be found on our website at: We are also developing plans to finish a historical documentary about life in South Africa after apartheid, tentatively called Reaching for the Rainbow. We shot half of the film in 2004. We now need to return to the country to re-interview our subjects, now that time has passed. The goal is to showcase how attitudes among black and white South Africans have changed or evolved. More information can be found on our website at: 2) Digitally published essays, commentaries, articles, news analyses, book excerpts, and investigations. We regularly publish original in-depth written work from a broad and diverse range of voices. They’re intended to create a community conversation online. We have the time, the space, the talent, and the experience to put the meat on the bones of a story. Our work comes from people you wouldn’t necessarily hear from in a traditional or mainstream media publication or website. The newest posts can be found on the home page, followed by links to our past work. In 2016, The Reporters published 17 original articles, essays, commentaries, book excerpts, investigations and news analyses. The topics presented: the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana and what the impact will be as legalization spreads nationwide; the power of social media as it pertains to social change; why some inmates’ wrongful convictions claims will never be truly believed, how the Great Recession resulted in major life and career changes for many Americans; how a woman’s wrongful conviction involving “Shaken Baby Syndrome” was overturned due to new research and studies debunking SBS; the dangers of portraying all urban Africa American neighborhoods as crime-infested and hopeless; how survivors of sex assault can heal through forgiveness and compassion; how a single child’s unsubstantiated claims at a daycare led to the arrest and conviction of a daycare provider, an examination of U.S, gun deaths that maybe connected to a 2008 Supreme Court ruling, a comparison of presidential rhetoric to that of a repressive Eastern European regime, a wrongful conviction case involving a man who might have been framed by his own father, a police officer; middle age divorcees learning to love being single; misogyny fears among women following the election of Donald Trump; the concerns of Mexicans and Muslims post-election; the polarization of America post-election; becoming aware of white privilege; and the wrongful conviction of a southern Missouri father of three who, after his conviction was tossed out on a technicality, was then found not guilty during a second trial. We expanded the reach of our articles by “boosting” our Facebook posts promoting the articles. We also increased our presence on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Our articles continue to be syndicated through Newsbank and Newstex and shared with hundreds of other media organizations, online magazines, top blogs, etc. At the end of 2016, The Reporters Inc. had 3,207 likes (up from 2,722 at the end of 2015) on Facebook (The Reporters Inc.) and 1,663 followers on Twitter (@thereportersinc) compared to 1,328 at the end of 2015. Analytics from The Reporters Inc.’s website, 2013 Total 2014 Total 2015 Total 2016 Total New Visitors 2,681 (63.9%) 6,984 (75.1%) 9,810 (81.2%)18.138 (81.2%) Returning Visitors 1,517 (36.1%) 2,312 (24.9%) 2,265 (18.8%) 4,209 (19.8%) Page Views 12,084 18,117 19,989 33,481 Sessions 4,192 9,296 12,075 22,347 Users 2,705 7,032 9,884 18,264 *Compared to 2015, we had a 67.4% increase in page views, an 85% increase in users and an 84.7% increase in sessions. Those numbers are even more significant when compared to the 2013 and 2014 statistics. The Reporters Inc.’s monthly e-newsletter with MailChimp now reaches nearly 4,159 subscribers. It has an open rate of 15.8%. The (nonprofit) industry average open rate with MailChimp is 22.5%.
Current Goals For 2017 our main goals are: *Premiere documentary about transgender female impersonation, "The Queens" at small public fundraising parties around the nation and at film festivals; seek national TV/cable/streaming/DVD/etc. distribution *Complete principal photography on wrongful convictions documentary, "The Innocent Convicts" with cases in Illinois and North Carolina; begin writing/editing process; ideally finish editing by the end of the year *Increase online publication of in-depth articles, essays, commentaries, investigations and book excerpts to at least 24 long-form pieces
Community or Constituency Served Our independent documentaries and in-depth online journalism are designed to inspire and enlighten people of all ages, around the globe. For those interested in social justice and change, we aim to elicit meaningful dialogue, root out misinformation, dispel stereotypes and prejudices, and challenge the status quo. We tell stories that help our readers and viewers better understand the lives of others, and in the process, examine, analyze and reflect on their own lives.
Geographic Area Served The Reporters Inc.'s headquarters is located in Richfield, Minnesota but our documentaries and online journalism content is designed to appeal to readers and viewers nationwide, and even globally.

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Average Member Attendance: 12.2

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