Rainbow Health (formerly JustUs Health)

Mission Statement

The mission of Rainbow Health (formerly JustUs Health) is to work for equitable health care access and outcomes for people who experience injustice at the intersection of health status and identity.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments JustUs Health touches tens of thousands of lives each year. Below are just a few examples of the great work we do thanks to the dedication of our staff and the generosity of our supporters. Syringe Access Services provide unused syringes to clients who inject drugs to lower HIV and Hepatitis C transmission and provides supportive services such as HIV and HCV testing, linkage to chemical health services, and overdose prevention. In 2019, this program collected and disposed of 242,523 used needles resulting in 111.4% return rate. Training, Education, and Capacity-Building for HIV (TEACH) provides curriculum-based HIV education and speakers for various community and professional groups. In 2019, JustUs Health provided professional continuing education courses to 2,786 professionals. AIDSLine provides HIV education, risk assessment and access to needed services to individuals seeking information throughout Minnesota. In 2019, the AIDS Line responded to 2196 contacts via phone, online chats, texting, email or drop-in visits. Legal Services served 287 individual clients in 350 matters through a full range of legal services including direct representation, brief services, advice, information, referrals to other legal services agencies, and responding to questions from providers regarding their clients
Current Goals Each JustUs Health program created Priority Success Measure for 2020. Below are examples of these goals, this is not an exhaustive list of the full range of programmatic goals JustUs Health is striving to achieve. Behavioral Health Clinic: The Behavioral Health Clinic is interested in increasing the number of clients they serve, as well as increasing their client’s general knowledge, skills, and abilities. The team will also focus on their general satisfaction rate, and the financial health of the clinic. Benefits Counseling: The Benefits team looks to maintain and increase the percentage of their client base that identifies as a member of a prioritized population. They also hope to establish a baseline percentage of clients that retain insurance coverage 6-months after contact, and to improve upon that baseline. The team also will look to continue internal and external trainings and to maintain the financial health of the team. Case Management: The Case Management team is focusing on increasing the percentage of clients that are virally suppressed, as well as decreasing the number of clients who lack a recent viral test. The team is also interested in increasing the number of clients that are stably housed and increasing the percentage of clients that are satisfied with Case Management services. The team will also focus on maintain the appropriate standards of contact with their clients. AIDSline: The AIDSline team is looking to increase the share of calls they receive from Greater MN, as well as increasing their client satisfaction rate (especially amount Greater MN callers). The team is also focusing on increase the number of people that are linked to care, both internally and externally.
Community or Constituency Served We center individuals and communities at risk of and living with HIV or facing barriers to equitable health care access and outcomes because of their identity as gender, sexual and/ or racial minorities.
Geographic Area Served Minnesota

Reports & Finances

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2577 Territorial Road W
St Paul, Minnesota 55114
Phone: 612-341-2060

General Information

Alternative Name: Minnesota AIDS Project, Rainbow Health Initiative, Training to Serve, JustUs Health
EIN: 41-1524746
Principal Staff: Jeremy Hanson Willis
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 54
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: Estimate 12,000 throughout all programs
Ruling Year: 1985


Board Chair: Matt Piermantier
Number of Board Members: 20
Board Meetings with Quorum: 9
Average Member Attendance: 12.8

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