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Mission Statement

MISSION: Provide resources that promote independence and healthy aging. VISION: A community where people are able to age with dignity. VALUES: Compassion, Relationships, Dignity, Respect, Independence, Volunteerism

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2017, over 400 clients received over 6000 hours of staff and volunteer service. These support services included transportation (both local and long distance rides provided to medical appointments, errands and social outings), exercise programs, friendly visits, memory care support, caregiver consultation and support as well as resources and referrals. Many clients received multiple services through the year. Clients provided testimonials, some filled out surveys, participated in assessments and pre and post evaluations. Anecdotal evidence was also recorded. Using these tools we were able to get positive feedback and affirmation that these services did indeed improve quality of life, support individuals to remain living in their homes and increased their physical activity levels, reduced falls and improved their balance. NP has been averaging an approximate twenty percent growth in service demand each year for the past five years.
Current Goals Northwoods Partners goals are: 1) to provide services that promote independence and aging well in one's community. These services would include transportation, friendly visits, resources and referrals and exercise programs like Tai Ji Quan, Matter of Balance, Exercise Buddy programs, Memories and Movement classes as well as group exercise options, 2) to become a Dementia friendly community by participating in the ACT on Alzheimer's. This will include convening an action team, assessing strengths and gaps in our community, analyze findings to understand needs and ACT together as a community to make it dementia friendly, and 3) to reduce caregiver stress - this will be accomplished through one to one support, offering Powerful for Caregivers Classes, support groups and caregiver consultant services.
Community or Constituency Served Northwoods Partners clients include those individuals who are aged as well as caregivers and their families. The majority of these clients are considered low income by the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2017. Our services are provided to individuals living within an area of approximately 480 square miles. This includes Ely, Winton, Babbitt, Tower, Soudan and surrounding townships.
Geographic Area Served We serve 480 square miles, encompassing the communities of Ely, Winton, Babbitt, Tower, Soudan, and surrounding area.

Reports & Finances

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Major Program Expenses
To provide resources that promote independence and healthy aging. Provide friendly visits, transportation, caregiver consulting, and other volunteer training services.:
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328 West Conan Street
Ely, MN 55731
Phone: 218-365-8019

General Information

Alternative Name: Northwoods Hospice Respite Partners, NHRP, Northwoods Care Partners, NCP, NP
EIN: 41-2016401
Principal Staff: Lisa Porthan
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 1.5
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: 400
Ruling Year: 2002


Board Chair: Richard Flesvig
Number of Board Members: 14
Board Meetings with Quorum: 17
Average Member Attendance: 10.3

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