NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc.

Mission Statement

Partnering to Create a Healthier Community

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments -In 2012 NorthPoint Inc. opens its Public Computer Lab as part of the University Minnesota’s Broadband Access Project, a $3.6 million initiative of the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center. NorthPoint was one of 12 community-based public computer labs established with this funding and within 6 months the use at NorthPoint’s lab was the highest of all the computer labs and that volume continued into 2013. -In 2013, NorthPoint Inc. was recognized by Philanthropedia and Minnesota Philanthropy partners as one of the top 15 nonprofits working to provide access to healthy food in the state of Minnesota. -In 2012, NorthPoint hosted its first annual “Fit 4 Fun” Day event as a way to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles for families in North Minneapolis. The event was attended by over 700 community residents and families and included activities such as a 5K walk/run, bicycle riding, aerobics, Zumba and more. In 2013 NorthPoint completed its 3rd year and this event has become a catalyst for an “active-lifestyle” movement on the Northside. - In 2010 NorthPoint in partnership with the Fourth Judicial District, Hennepin County Child Support & Collections and the University of Minnesota launched the Co-Parent Court program, which had a mission of creating a model for paternity establishments that supports co-parenting to improve outcomes for the children, families and the community. The project has served more than 500 parents since 2010 and the evaluation report just completed in 2013 of the first three years indicates that parents that participated in the project showed significant improvement in nearly all of the key measures associated with the project, particularly around involvement by the fathers. The project will be expanded in 2014 to include multiple problem solving courts.
Current Goals NorthPoint’s Vision for the Future – NorthPoint’s new strategic plan approved in January of 2012 is center on four strategic goals of creating a healthier community in North Minneapolis: • Strengthening Community Health - • Increasing primary Care • Addressing Social Determinants of Health • Achieving Health Equity Our strategy is consistent with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Prevention Council and other public health leadership organizations call for a shift from the current focus on sickness and disease to one based on prevention and wellness.
Community or Constituency Served The target service area of NorthPoint is all of North and Near North Minneapolis where our campus is centrally located. The community of North Minneapolis is considerably diverse: More than one quarter 26.2% of residents speak a language other than English and three of five (59%) adult residents report household incomes below 200% of the poverty level. According to the 2010 Census, 59,970 individuals live in the North Minneapolis neighborhoods served by NorthPoint, of whom 43% self-identify as African American, 13% Asian and 8% Hispanic. As an urban, densely populated, diverse community North Minneapolis is experiencing some of the most difficult socioeconomic and health conditions in Minnesota. Our primary service (zip code 55411), has the 5th highest poverty ranking in the state of Minnesota and the highest in Minneapolis with more than 50% below the federal poverty level. Out secondary service area (zip code 55422) ranks among the top 5% poverty ranking statewide and the eighth highest in Minneapolis. NorthPoint's target population is the many undeserved and un-served residents of Near North and North Minneapolis – low-income residents, residents of color, those who do not speak English, recent immigrant populations, and residents who are facing a myriad of health, social and economic disparities. In 2013 NorthPoint Inc. provided service to more than 12,700 unique individuals. Nearly 41% of families we served in 2013 were below 100% of poverty and 33% were between 100-200% of poverty. The ethnic breakdown was: African American 61%; Hispanic 12%; Caucasian 12%; Asian 5%; Multi-racial 4%; Native American 2%; all others 6%.
Geographic Area Served North Minneapolis and surrounding area

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1315 Penn Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: 6127679500

General Information

Alternative Name: Previously known as Pilot City Health Center Inc. In 2006 name was changed to current name.
EIN: 20-0898277
Principal Staff: Stella Whitney-West
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 65
Volunteers: 517
Number of Clients: 33,229 (duplicated)


Board Chair: A. Willie Dominguez
Number of Board Members: 15
Board Meetings with Quorum: 16
Average Member Attendance: 8.6

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