Mission Statement

MORE provides refugees and immigrants with the education and support they seek to become fully engaged members of our community.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments The number of individuals served at MORE in FY 2017 was 917 (unduplicated). By Program: Education – 179 participants spent 36,274 hours learning English; Mental Health – 19 participants were provided with 172 hours of therapy; and, Social Services – 507 individuals were provided with more than 1,300 case management visits and 670 individuals were provided with food, clothing and household items. Our services have a significant impact on not only the adult that is directly in front of us, but the entire family unit. When a person is able to procure a position that pays $1 more an hour because of increased English abilities, the whole family benefits. When a parent brings home two bags of free food every Friday, the entire family is fed. And when a parent learns and practices a new strategy to manage life's stresses, relief is felt throughout the family. The majority of Participants come from the North End & Payne/Phalen areas of St. Paul. The Total Combined Population of those two areas is 52,969 individuals. According to the 2014 U.S. Census, the combined total population of Foreign-Born people in these areas is 13,935 or 26.3%. The average family size of MORE's participants is approximately 5 members. MORE's total community impact over the past year is 4,585 individuals. MORE's programs impact 32.9% or one-third of the Foreign-Born Residents in the combined St. Paul neighborhoods of the North End and Payne/Phalen of St. Paul. Data Source:
Current Goals MORE consistently focuses its efforts on economic opportunity and security, education and training, and strong human services. Help refugees/immigrants meet their basic needs and stabilize financially and achieve or sustain self-sufficiency. Reduce hunger by increasing access to food. Provide free clothing/household goods to ensure families are not going without life’s necessities. Provide assistance/advocacy in accessing and/or maintaining community financial resources, such as county cash benefits, Food Support, MNSure, subsidized housing, energy assistance and other programs. Support families in managing life’s myriad of issues and complexities. Provide assistance in accessing and navigating medical, legal, immigration, educational and other services. Provide assistance in managing whatever life issues may arise. Assist refugees/immigrants in improving their English skills and empowering them to learn the skills necessary to function independently. These include the ability to communicate effectively in English, basic math, computer literacy, and apply these skills to their life and work. Prepare refugees/immigrants for employment. Acculturate refugees/immigrants to their new environment. Promote emotional stability in families. Reduce isolation and increase a sense of hope and belief in individuals’ ability to not only adjust to life in the United States, but thrive in their new lives. Provide access to mental health services that help reduce the intensity of symptoms related to depression, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and improve daily functioning.
Community or Constituency Served New Americans. Adult refugees and immigrants from more than twenty cultures and ethnic groups have been served at MORE just in the past two years.
Geographic Area Served MORE does not have any service boundaries but most participants come from the St. Paul Neighborhoods of the North End and East St. Paul.

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96 East Wheelock Parkway
Saint Paul, MN 55117
Phone: 651-478-2728

General Information

Alternative Name: McDonough Organization with Respect and Equality for People (Former Legal Name), MORE Multicultural School for Empowerment, MORE Multicultural Empowerment
EIN: 41-1611040
Principal Staff: Cathy Rucci
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 11.5
Number of Volunteers: 30
Number of Clients: 917
Ruling Year: 1989


Board Chair: Sandy Donovan
Number of Board Members: 9
Board Meetings with Quorum: 9
Average Member Attendance: 6.5

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