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Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Mission Statement Minnesota Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (MNLCL) provides a Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP) for law students, lawyers, and judges. This program first and foremost offers help to those affected by alcohol and drug misuse, other addictions; depression and other mental illnesses; stress and other life-related problems; and any condition which negatively affects the quality of one’s life at work or at home.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2014 - 15, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers served nearly 400 new clients. We reached out to lawyers, judges, law students and family members throughout Minnesota. LCL volunteers reported over 2500 hours including more than 1500 hours in direct service to others. Other volunteer work included CLE and other appearances, presentations, committee work and so much more. Other highlights include: Finances: LCL underwent an audit and no issues of any significance were found. Our accountant, Messerli & Schadow, gave us a positive report. While there continue to be fluctuations in some long-time donor gifts, LCL developed a new fundraising plan and increased its efforts to reach out to new donors. We continue to look at new and innovative ways to increase our support. Education & Outreach: LCL'S 2014-15 educational efforts reached every facet of Minnesota’s legal community. Volunteers and staff made over 175 appearances, including substantive programs, public service announcements, and law school orientations. In addition to taking part in presentations, our dedicated volunteers spent many hours at conferences and institutes, and handed out brochures, LCL pens and other educational materials. Over 5000 people attended an event or program where LCL’s message was delivered and many others saw our exhibit tables. Board Governance & Leadership: LCL recruits and selects Board members for their diverse experience within and outside the profession. Board members were instrumental in the success of policy developments, governance and policy initiatives as well as educational and outreach efforts. Clients/Services: LCL continued to build enhancement to our new database, which was installed in the previous year. Many of the nearly 400 new clients we served were concerned with more than one issue. 46% contacted us with a concern about alcohol, drug, or compulsive behavior issues. 48% were concerned about mental health issues, primarily depression and anxiety. In addition, many people also listed general stress, financial, work or family problems as causing difficulties. LCL also continues to provide general and focused weekly support groups and host 12-step meetings at the LCL office.
Current Goals LCL’s core purpose will continue to be to assist those with substance use, compulsive behavior problems and mental health challenges. There are many opportunities along this road to provide assistance, not just at the point of crisis or disability. LCL’s focus for 2015-2016 will include exploring additional ways to connect with lawyers throughout Minnesota, investigating increased use of social media, conducting outreach based on new research that will be published in 2016 and exploring new ways to connect with identified constituent groups. LCL will also work to continue to build financial capacity. Our members and other volunteers, our most valuable resource, are the key to being able to provide an ear, mentoring, information, and sometimes a lifeline. We will continue to give our members additional training and opportunities to serve the organization and their local legal communities. We will continue our ambitious outreach plan throughout Minnesota. As more and more have seen our core educational offerings, we are adding content and developing new programs so that we continue to have these outreach opportunities. We are examining and revising strategies for fund development that will ensure a vibrant lawyer assistance program into the future. We are continuing to build and develop relationships with core and specialty bar associations, judicial and law student organizations. We will seek a larger and consistent presence among these constituencies through CLE programming, committee involvement and in other ways. We are implementing more up to date communication options through technology in an effort to connect with newer and younger members of our profession. Regardless of their age or experience, when asked what they would do about a colleague who seems impaired, we want every lawyer, judge and law student in Minnesota to be able to say, "I would call LCL."
Community or Constituency Served Minnesota lawyers, judges, law students and their immediate family members
Geographic Area Served State of Minnesota

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2550 University Avenue West
Saint Paul, MN 55114-1903
Phone: 651-646-5590

General Information

Alternative Name: "LCL", "LCLMN"
EIN: 41-1289825
Principal Staff: Joan Bibelhausen
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 4.0
Volunteer Opportunities: No
Number of Clients: 400
Ruling Year: 1977


Board Chair: Daniel Payne
Number of Board Members: 20
Board Meetings with Quorum: 12
Average Member Attendance: 14.4

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