Housing First Minnesota Foundation

Mission Statement

To work in partnership with others to provide safe, durable, affordable housing for Minnesota's homeless, veterans and others in need.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments The BATC Foundation's mission is to work in partnership with others to provide safe, durable, affordable housing for Minnesota's homeless, veterans and others in need. We partner with service providers to create and restore their transitional housing facilities. We then leverage the talents and resources of builders, remodelers, and industry suppliers to build new or renovate existing transitional housing facilities. We create tangible housing solutions at a significantly discounted cost to the nonprofit service partner. In 2018, the BATC Foundation partnered with three service organizations on their construction projects. We saved these organizations approximately $552,000 in construction costs of a retail construction value of $683,000, which is an 80% savings to partnering service providers. Through our partnerships, 23 beds and 11,000 square feet of transitional housing were added or renovated for homeless Minnesotans including women Veterans, mothers and children living in a chemical dependency treatment facility, and women and children fleeing domestic violence. We build dignified transitional housing residences for service organizations that provide housing for those experiencing homelessness in our communities. We build new lives through housing.
Current Goals For the current year, the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation continues its focus on homelessness. We will be building two shelters for homeless veterans in collaboration with the service organization Minnesota Assistance Council of Veterans (MACV). The first is for a homeless veteran family, and the second is for four unrelated homeless veteran men. In addition, we will be remodeling at least two units for the service organization Avivo, which provides chemical dependency treatment (as well as other wraparound services) for women in recovery (which allows their children to live with them). Additionally, to our shelter/ construction projects (new and/or renovation), we will develop stronger relationships with our non-profit service providers and continue to select strategic shelter development projects; Expand community outreach efforts to increase awareness within the homebuilder industry and housing community about the work of the Foundation; Continue to partnership with local colleges and universities to increase awareness of the scholarship program in efforts to attract a new and diverse talent into the homebuilding industry.
Community or Constituency Served Homeless, Disabled Veterans, Youth, Women, Seniors, Low Income, Disabled, Domestic Violence, At-Risk to become homeless.
Geographic Area Served Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

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2960 Centre Pointe Drive
Roseville, Minnesota 55113
Phone: 6516971954

General Information

Alternative Name: Housing First Minnesota Foundation, BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation/ HomeAid Twin Cities, The Builders Outreach Foundation (BOF), BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation.
EIN: 41-1802616
Principal Staff: Donnie Brown
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 2 FTE
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: In 2018, we partnered with 3 local housing service provider organizations to build a new facility or renovate an existing transitional facilities.
Ruling Year: 1997


Board Chair: Dennis Medo
Number of Board Members: 17
Board Meetings with Quorum: 6
Average Member Attendance: 13.2

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1915 Highway 36 W Ste 133 • Roseville, Minnesota 55113-2709
Phone: (651) 224–7030 • E-mail: info@smartgivers.org

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