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Mission Statement

Our Vision: A world where everyone has nurturing, permanent and supportive familial relationships. Our Mission: We provide a full breadth of inclusive, ethical programming: adoption, foster care, pregnancy support, youth services, therapeutic support and family education.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2020, EVOLVE EVOLVE Family Services: • Served 558 children via all programs. • Supported 54 families via family preservation programs. • Placed 14 children via Domestic Infant Programs. • Placed 7 children via International Programs. • Placed 167 children in foster families. Of which, 29 were reunified with their families and 13 achieved permanency through adoption. • Completed 100 family home studies. • Provided 21 women pregnancy services. • Supported 75 clients through therapeutic programs. • 144 families served through our UMOJA MN Camps (283 adults and 370 kids). • Served more than 357 parent/caregivers through our training and education.
Current Goals Our Company Goals per Traction Model are as follows: 1. Pay down at least $30,000 on the line of credit. 2. By December 1st, two full time therapists will hold full caseloads (value of 27) for our new clinical program. 3. Complete updates to personnel policies reflecting EVOLVE’s mission, values, and best practices. 4. Ensure leadership team is appropriately staffed with all positions. 5. Increase fundraising by 5%. Programmatic goals and objectives are as follows: • EVOLVE will continue to license relative-kin foster families (receiving no funding from counties until license completion) to ensure children are in safe, nurturing, loving homes. Goal: 40 children in families per month. • EVOLVE will increase its reach to culturally-appropriate communities for traditional and concurrent foster care providers. Goal: 20 children in families per month • EVOLVE will continue compliance accreditation to be a mental health provider with third party billing for medical insurance providers. Goal: 25 families will receive therapeutic services using EVOLVE’s third party billing option per month • EVOLVE will support families seeking adoption domestically and internationally by providing trainings, home studies, support services, etc. required for adoption placements. Goal: 35 children will be welcomed into EVOLVE families through adoption • EVOLVE will assist youth and women with an unplanned pregnancy by providing option education and support for parenting or adoption. Goal: 20 youth or women will receive assistance from EVOLVE Pregnancy Counsellors • EVOLVE will support families through education and training through Positive Parenting, Parenting in a Diverse Society, and our UMOJA MN Camps. UMOJA MN is an African American heritage camp created to empower transracial families. Goal: 700 families will receive support through trainings or attending our UMOJA MN Camps.
Community or Constituency Served The client populations who receive therapeutic support through EVOLVE includes: families involved in the child protection system, licensed foster care providers and foster youth, adoptive families, adult adoptees, individuals who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), as well as individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, and, individuals who have lived experience of a mental health diagnosis and the stigma that can accompany certain diagnoses. Some of these mental health diagnoses include serious and persistent mental illness, serious emotional disturbances, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, psychosis, etc. Within our Relative/Kin Foster Care Program, we serve families who have typically received emergency placement of a relative or kin child into their care. We have also served families who are being considered as a potential relative placement option but were not considered for emergency placement. We would be open to serving families within the metro area and would not limit to one particular county. We often serve families of color who are disproportionately served within child protection. We serve children and youth of all ages. Within our UMOJA MN Program, we serve transracial families (primarily BIPOC children placed with white caregivers). For our Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program, we serve people experiencing a pregnancy and/or in need of parenting support. Also, for our Adoption Program we serve adults interested in adopting a child(ren). As an inclusive organization, we serve a diverse (race, age, gender identification, LQGBTQ) population of children, teens, adult parents, caregivers, and relative providers from all over the State of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.
Geographic Area Served As an inclusive organization, we serve a diverse population of people of all ages and backgrounds in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Geographic service area by program is as follows: • Foster Care – Metro Area • Pregnancy and Parent Support - All of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin • UMOJA MN – All of Minnesota • Therapeutic Services – All of Minnesota through telehealth, in-person sevencounty Metro Area • Adoption – All of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

Reports & Finances

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Adoption Services:
Pregnancy Services:
Therapeutic Services:
Education and UMOJA MN:
Foster Care Services:
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5850 Omaha Avenue North
Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone: 651 439 2446

General Information

Alternative Name: EVOLVE Family Services, EVOLVE, HOPE Adoption & Family Services, Crossroads Adoption Services, African American Adoption Agency, African Adoption & Permanency Planning Agency (AAAPPA)
EIN: 41-1296959
Principal Staff: Susannah Barnes
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 27
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: 558 children
Ruling Year: 1977


Board Chair: Amy Sainsbury
Number of Board Members: 5
Board Meetings with Quorum: 12
Average Member Attendance: 5.5

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1915 Highway 36 W Ste 133 • Roseville, Minnesota 55113-2709
Phone: (651) 224–7030 • E-mail: info@smartgivers.org

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