Mission Statement

The mission of CornerHouse is to assure that the voices of children and adolescents are heard.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments 1. CornerHouse advances the field of forensic interviewing by establishing a research center. The academic research assures that the protocol continues to evolve and improve, provides evidence for the protocol’s effectiveness, and solidifies CornerHouse’s position as the leading forensic interview model taught in the United States. Outcome: CornerHouse has completed a research project which is in final editing and will be submitted to reviewed professional journals. 2. The CornerHouse training program improves the protection of children by meeting the training needs of underserved international markets and by developing new and innovative training delivery approaches. Outcome: During this past year, CornerHouse has developed an online blended learning course for Advanced Forensic Interviewing, has trained law enforcement and child protection professionals in Trinidad which is now establishing a system of child protection and has trained over 1,000 professionals in law enforcement, child protection, county attorneys offices and other child advocacy centers. 3. CornerHouse promotes the well being of children and intervenes in the cycle of violence by providing effective support to children and caregivers and ensuring access to evidence-based, trauma-focused therapy. Outcome: CornerHouse has established a family services program including counseling, home visiting and support groups. 4. CornerHouse raises its visibility among current and potential supporters through a focused, multi-faceted visibility and marketing campaign. This results in increased mission awareness and increased financial support from individual donors and other funding partners. Outcome: CornerHouse has contracted with a marketing professional who has outlined a marketing plan. It also updated it's website to reflect current practice and detailed information regarding its programs and services. 5. CornerHouse expands and diversifies its funding base through the development of a culture of philanthropy owned and practiced by board, staff and volunteers. The increase in funds provides the resources to fuel growth for current strategic directions and future innovation. Outcome: CornerHouse successfully completed a challenge grant from the Pohlad Family Foundation for a match grant of $10,000. New donors were added as a result of this effort raising the average individual gift from $150 to $500. In addition, CornerHouse established an individual donor program called the "One by One". There are 17 members each donating $1,000 a year for general operations.
Current Goals We continue the same strategic goals for the current year. We anticipate a new strategic plan to be completed by December 31, 2016.
Community or Constituency Served CornerHouse serves three major constituencies: 1. Children and teens for whom there is reason to believe that physical or sexual abuse has occurred. We also serve teens and children when they have been witnesses to violent crimes. We also serve vulnerable adults. Last year, the range of ages of our program participants was 2 years, 8 months to 73 years of age. 2. Caregivers and parents of children and teens who have come to CornerHouse. 3. Law enforcement, child protection and county attorneys in need of training in forensic interviews. Last year, we provided training to over 1,000 professionals throughout the world.
Geographic Area Served 1. Forensic interviews and family services: Hennepin County 2. Training Program: all of the USA and for this year, the country of Trinidad where we provided two training sessions.

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2502 10th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: 612-813-8300

General Information

Alternative Name: CornerHouse Interagency Child Abuse Evaluation & Training Center
EIN: 41-1640731
Principal Staff: Patricia Harmon
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 17.0
Volunteers: 113 volunteers gave over 4,500 hrs
Number of Clients: Between 450 and 500 in our forensics department, 246 families in our family service department. For that program, we don't have the breakdown of individuals.


Board Chair: Mike Reynolds, Chief of Police of Hopkins
Number of Board Members: 20
Average Member Attendance: 13.3

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