Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to ensure a life of dignity and opportunity for those in need throughout Hennepin County.”

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Outcome Achieved: resources are available to immigrant/refugee families to support them with obtaining resources and employment, and gaining an understanding of budgeting, banking, and voting. CAPSH hosted 2 Nutrition Education Workshops, focusing on Somalis and Seniors. The goal of the program is to provide support to low income individuals, encouraging them to eat healthier foods and educate them about nutritional labels, food preparation and storage, and food budging. 25 participants benefited from these workshops. Through its Financial Literacy workshop, CAPSH provided services to 440 individuals in FY 2013. To expand the program, in FY 2013, CAPSH developed a Financial Literacy Course that will target seniors, educating participants about financial scams and identity theft. The workshops will begin in November, 2013. CAPSH anticipates enrolling 120 workshop participants. CAPSH is also in the process for developing a financial literacy program specific to the immigrant population. The workshops will focus on banking, budgeting, and credit card/ debt education. The program is set to start in January, 2014 and will enroll 120 participants in its first year. In FY 2013, CAPSH has created 7 new partnerships and increased collaboration with 2 partners. In total, CAPSH now partners and collaborates with over 250 government, school district and social service agencies throughout suburban Hennepin County. These partnerships enhance Community Action’s ability to reach out to low-income residents, provide them the services they need to become self-sufficient, and enhance the stability and quality of life in their communities.
Current Goals --Expand our legal clinic services to complete more DACA applications --Expand our Nutrition classes --Begin working in areas pertaining to homeless youth through our educational workshops for providers --Establish more partnerships to better serve the community
Community or Constituency Served CAP-HC serves all 45 communities in Hennepin County, MN which include urban, suburban, exurban and rural communities.
Geographic Area Served CAP-HC serves all 45 communities in Hennepin County, MN which include urban, suburban, exurban and rural communities.

Reports & Finances

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8800 Highway 7 Suite 401
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: 952-933-9639

General Information

Alternative Name: Community Action, Community Action Partnership, CAPSH
EIN: 41-1524088
Principal Staff: Scott Zemke
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 27
Volunteers: 83
Number of Clients: 61,836


Board Chair: Marty Kirsch
Number of Board Members: 17
Average Member Attendance: 11.3

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