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Mission Statement

CommonBond's mission is to build stable homes, strong futures and vibrant communities with the vision that every person has a dignified, affordable home that supports independence and advancement within a flourishing community.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments 2014 Impact Goals within the major categories of resident stability, advancement and independence and financial performance of properties were either met or exceeded in 2014. For adult programming, 288 individuals were placed in employment and 70% retained employment. Average wage at employment was $10.88. Within youth programming, 962 youth residents participated in Study Buddies, Learning Circle, Homework Center, and Early Childhood programming. One hundred percent of high school seniors in Advantage Services programming graduated from high school, with 90% advancing to higher education. Within our senior programming, CommonBond services helped 815 seniors remain independent with 70% of frail/at risk seniors prevented from move to nursing home. 3,817 seniors and people with disabilities participated in the Wellness Program. 85% of evictions/negative turnovers were prevented. Also in 2014, a program review of Advantage Services was completed and will be presented to the Advantage Services committee. A new client management information system, Efforts to Outcomes was launched, creating a single source of data across program areas.
Current Goals 2015 Goals CommonBond Communities has several goals with the areas of Stability and Independence, Education and Advancement, Health & Wellness, and Community Building and Engagement. Stability and Independence • 385 evictions/negative turnovers prevented • 90% evictions/negative turnovers prevented • 690 frail/at risk seniors prevented from move to nursing home Education and Advancement • 245 job placements (adults) • 65% adults retaining employment • 175 Study Buddy participants • 60% of Study Buddy participants meeting grade level in math • 30% of Study Buddy participants below grade level in math that make more than one academic year’s progress • 70% of Study Buddy participants meeting grade level in reading • 30% of Study Buddy participants below grade level in reading that make more than one academic year’s progress • 125 Teen Program participants • 70% of high school seniors in programs graduate • 70% of high school seniors have a post-secondary plan Health & Wellness • 300 residents participate in Health & Wellness programming Community Building and Engagement • 2,130 residents participate in community building events Our services and programs for youth, seniors and other adults saw continued growth and positive outcomes. More than 3,817 seniors participated in wellness events with the result of 815 individuals not being placed in nursing homes. With more than 400 adults enrolled in our Career Advantage programs, 245 were placed in jobs and 65% adults retained employment for one year.
Community or Constituency Served CommonBond is a nationally recognized organization committed to providing safe, affordable housing with services for people with low incomes. More than 9,000 people live in CommonBond housing. • 75% are families with children, 24% are seniors, and 1% are disabled. We support the formerly homeless, veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS and individuals with chronic mental illness or developmental disabilities. • 50% are African or African American, 35% are Caucasian, 8% are Asian, Hispanic or Native American. • Approximately 55% of the families housed with us have recently arrived in the United States, primarily immigrants and refugees from East Africa. • The average household income of our residents is $19,000. • More than 5,700 units in 107 housing communities are located in over 50 cities with 90% in Minnesota and 10% in Iowa and Wisconsin.
Geographic Area Served Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa

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1080 Montreal Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55116
Phone: 651-291-1750

General Information

Alternative Name: CommonBond; Common Bond; Common Bond Communities
EIN: 41-1260469
Principal Staff: Deidre Schmidt
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 303
Volunteers: 800
Number of Clients: more than 9,000


Board Chair: Eduardo Padilla
Number of Board Members: 22
Board Meetings with Quorum: 4
Average Member Attendance: 19.3

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