Animal Folks

Mission Statement

To protect animals and fight animal cruelty by modernizing the animal law enforcement system in Minnesota through systemic change.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Our impact is focused on 5 key program areas that support our mission of substantive, systemic change for how anti-cruelty laws are enforced and how animals are protected in Minnesota: 1) Animal Cruelty Research - We continued to obtain and code over 1,300 MN animal cruelty conviction cases for analysis and presentation in 2020; approximately 95% complete. This data supports our training efforts and data requests from prosecutors. 2) Animal Law Resources - We held training for 100 veterinarians and CVTs at the MVMA Conference on how to report and document suspected animal cruelty; and started project to write model animal cruelty policies and procedures for law enforcement to be distributed in 2020; 3) Civil and Criminal Justice - We worked with a national animal organization in filing a lawsuit against the USDA for removal of documents; we advised multiple individuals on how to submit a cruelty complaint; we challenged a state agency in their repeated denials of animal data, resulting in release of some data. 4) Legislative Action - We researched and wrote language to establish a Companion Animal Board to be introduced during the 2018-2019 MN Legislative session. We worked to pass a St. Paul ordinance to prohibit pet stores from selling dogs and cats from commercial breeding facilities. 5) Outreach - We developed materials explaining the link between human and animal abuse and distributed/posted flyers at community events and via our website to create greater awareness.
Current Goals Our program goals follow our multi-year strategic plan, developed in 2018. Four core strategies with associated tactics were developed for the organization: STRATEGY 1: Build alliances in support of systemic reform; 4 tactics include: Form advisory committees to support systemic reform work; Engage stakeholders involved with public safety, animal law, and animal welfare; Inform potential donor groups about AF work; Increase number of quality supporters representing all areas of Minnesota. STRATEGY 2: Build the structure for a statewide animal law system; 4 tactics include: Define policies, protocols, and procedures that support the model; Use gathered ideas, identified needs, and best practices to articulate a statewide model; Establish legal standards and institutions for implementation of model; Design a monitoring system to ensure accountability. STRATEGY 3: Build capacity and competence of stakeholders to implement the system; 3 tactics include: Design and provide training, and training materials, targeted to stakeholders; Build a pool of experts to assist in response protocols; Compile and align resources to support enforcement efforts. STRATEGY 4: Build knowledge and expertise about animal cruelty; 3 tactics include: Research animal cruelty cases and response measures; Disseminate knowledge in a variety of formats and forums; Continually learn about animal cruelty. The above goals follow our 5 program areas.
Community or Constituency Served Our core constituency are animals in Minnesota. Our services are for the protection of animals. To achieve this, we work with multiple stakeholders throughout Minnesota including law enforcement, veterinarians, prosecutors, judges, animal shelters, and legislators. Each of these professions serve a role in animal protection. Our constituency also includes the general public who may need assistance in filing complaints of suspected cruelty or are supporters in our efforts.
Geographic Area Served All of Minnesota.

Reports & Finances

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1041 Grand Avenue #115 #115
St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-222-2821

General Information

Alternative Name: Animal Folks MN
EIN: 80-0530102
Principal Staff: Ann Olson
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 1
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: 285 estimated humans, 2,500+ estimated animals
Ruling Year: 2010


Board Chair: Reese Frederickson
Number of Board Members: 6
Board Meetings with Quorum: 5
Average Member Attendance: 6

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