Animal Folks

Mission Statement

To protect animals and prevent animal cruelty by creating a modern system of animal law enforcement in Minnesota.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Filed cruelty complaints with supporting documentation to law enforcement. Began building an animal crimes databank by conducting a study on cruelty cases in MN. Researched data including Certificates of Veterinary Inspection and USDA inspection records on commercial dog and cat breeding facilities to track violations. Formed a veterinary task force committee to define the role of veterinarians in cruelty cases. Conducted a study on the prevalence of pet stores in MN. Developed training materials and resources for law enforcement about animal law and cruelty investigations. Wrote and published 6 multi-page training sheets and 4 forms. Created "dog in hot car" materials.
Current Goals Build the number of cases and data collected in our animal crimes databank. File three animal cruelty complaints with law enforcement regarding suspected or known animal cruelty. Develop a manual for veterinarians on Reporting Animal Cruelty and distribute to veterinarians throughout the state. Create a training program for veterinarians to prepare them to assist law enforcement with animal cruelty cases. Provide training for veterinarians on how to identify suspected cases of animal cruelty in their clinic practice. Host a public viewing of the documentary "Dog by Dog", to educate the public about puppy mills.
Community or Constituency Served We serve animals in Minnesota. Animal Folks is a statewide nonprofit made up of 7,500 (human) supporters, representing all districts in Minnesota. While our efforts are on behalf of animals, we also serve the interests of Minnesota residents who believe animals should be treated humanely and the laws to protect animals should be enforced; in doing so, we serve the broader interests and values of the State. Through a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach, we also work with and serve Minnesota authorities who are involved in the enforcement of animal law.
Geographic Area Served Animal Folks serves the state of Minnesota. We also partner with organizations outside of Minnesota on occasion.

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1043 Grand Ave #115 #115
St. Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-222-2821

General Information

Alternative Name: Animal Law Resources
EIN: 80-0530102
Principal Staff: Ann Olson
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 1
Number of Volunteers: 25
Number of Clients: 300
Ruling Year: 2011


Board Chair: Reese Frederickson
Number of Board Members: 5
Board Meetings with Quorum: 7
Average Member Attendance: 4.4

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