A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation

Mission Statement

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation fights lung cancer by funding innovative research and raising awareness through education and supporting patients and families.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2016, ABoH revenue grew to over $600,000 and now in 2017, we have seen triple the revenue of 2013 and will likely reach $1,000,000. We continue to grow our impact and presence in the areas of lung cancer research, disease awareness and education, and patient and family support programming. We continue to spend more than 86% on program, versus administration or fundraising.
Current Goals Programmatic Goals - Create first-of-its-kind animated patient program to help newly diagnosed cancer patients understand their diagnosis and their options - Sufficient staff and space to support program growth in Minnesota and beyond - Continually review and update patient support/awareness programming to assure impact (work with patients to make sure their voice is represented in our decisions) - Continue increasing dollars spent on cutting edge US research - Place encumbered fellowship money into an interest bearing account - Provide more than 300 rides to local patients and caregivers by 2017 - Reach more than 1,000,000 people each year with important awareness messaging and education about lung cancer Fundraising Goals - Increase revenue (and our ability to impact the field) by 20% or more each year - Secure at least additional grants to support staff and program costs - Increase and sustain gross revenue to $1,000,000 - Double the number of $5000+ donors - Increase event attendance by 10%/year Governance Goals - Board meets 6 times, Exec Committee meets at least 4 times - Board has read and signed member agreement - Board members annually contribute 20 hours of time outside of board meetings - Board members contribute financially and connect their personal networks to the organization - Board represents diverse skills and backgrounds
Community or Constituency Served General public, lung cancer patients and their families/caregivers, under-served and uninsured community members, widows, widowers, American Indian and African American communities
Geographic Area Served U.S.

Reports & Finances

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Major Program Expenses
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PO Box 387
Wayzata, MN 55391
Phone: 952-405-9201

General Information

Alternative Name: A Breath of Hope, ABOH, ABOHLF, Breath of Hope
EIN: 30-0475578
Principal Staff: Nancy Torrison
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 5
Number of Volunteers: 400
Number of Clients: 10,000
Ruling Year: 2008


Board Chair: Curt Anderson
Number of Board Members: 15
Board Meetings with Quorum: 4
Average Member Attendance: 12.8

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