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#DisruptMN All Day, All Week, All Year

We took a risk and it worked. Is there any better feeling? This year’s Annual Forum 2014: Disruptive Philanthropy was an experiment of epic proportions for Charities Review Council. A year ago we asked for feedback on our Forum and heard the Minnesota Philanthropic community calling for a deeper dive; so we aligned our new… More

Beyond the Bucket: Disrupt Philanthropy with More than Ice

If you’re like the staff at Charities Review Council, you have been overwhelmed with news about the Ice Bucket Challenge. You care about giving, and are fascinated by the way it’s evolving in our increasingly connected world. You’ve seen video after video on your Facebook news feed of people being drenched. Now that the phenomenon… More

Dameun Strange – Disruptive Philanthropy Personified

Disruptive Philanthropy can have many different definitions. The Council defines it as ‘a transformative event or moment, an act of giving and relationship building that is a departure from the status quo. It may not be easy, endorsed or comfortable, but it is necessary to inclusively create a shared vision, a new sustainability, innovation, imagination… More

What is Disruptive Philanthropy? Asking the Questions of ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ for a Greater Good

Leaders, builders and lovers of social good: get ready! It’s time for our Annual Forum. You asked and we answered. This year we are ‘doing it big.’ We’ve expanded the event to honor our community’s history of generosity and imagine an even greater future of giving. This year’s focus will be Disruptive Philanthropy. We asked… More

Introducing Accountability Wizard 3.0!

Charities Review Council launched new Accountability Wizard software, known as Accountability Wizard 3.0, on April 1, 2014. You’ve seen our revised Accountability Standards, and now we have a brand new Accountability Wizard nonprofit assessment tool that will make our review process even more meaningful and beneficial to participants. This proprietary cloud-based capacity building system is… More

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