Mission Statement

Project SUCCESS motivates and inspires young people to dream about the future, helps them take steps to get there and gives them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Contact Information

1 Groveland Terrace, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55403

General Information

Alternative Name
Project SUCCESS - Students Undertaking Creative Control
Principal Staff
Adrienne Diercks
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)
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Board Chair
Ann Ruschy
Number of Board Members

Impact and Programs

During the 2015-16 school year, Project SUCCESS continued to expand programming and partnerships. We added services to the 300 students attending Franklin Middle, and successfully delivered monthly goal-setting workshops, using our proven curriculum, to nearly 12,000 Minneapolis Public School (MPS) students in their classrooms. Of those students, 3,890 also participated in Project SUCCESS Experiential Learning activities outside the classroom (a 55% increase from the previous year) for a combined total of more than 72,000 hours of participation (more than doubling the previous year’s participation). Analysis conducted of Project SUCCESS participation data by Minneapolis Public Schools shows that 67% of all students who attend Project SUCCESS college tours are more likely to graduate on time, and show a 5% average increase in GPA each year they have a college visit (21% after 4 years). Students who participate in both the middle school musical and four college visits have up to a 26% increase in GPA over four years. On average, students who participate in Project SUCCESS experiential learning activities attend school 5% more than the general MPS student population. More than 84% of our partner teachers in the public schools agreed that Project SUCCESS helped students be more self-directed in school and more planful about their education; and 92% of teachers agreed that Project SUCCESS helped their students be better problem solvers and more engaged in school. Nine out of ten high school students report that Project SUCCESS helps them create a plan for after graduation.
Current Goals
Our outcomes are based on a 7-year program model for each child. Our programmatic output goals for the 2016-17 include increasing the number of students and schools served, and deepening and increasing experiential learning outside of the classroom for more students. For students who participate in 65 or more hours of Project SUCCESS programming this year, a majority of participants will: 1) Discover motivation and inspiration; 2) Apply values, success, and failures to future decisions; 3) Engage in local and global community; 4) Engage imagination to envision the future; 5) Practice quality decision making strategies; and 6) Take action towards and reflect on future goals. In the process of achieving these outcomes, Project SUCCESS will increase interracial contact within and between schools and reduce the opportunity gap through our model of serving every student and integrating students throughout all activities, designed to build students’ skills, confidence and supportive relationships with peers and adults.
Community or Constituency Served
Project SUCCESS is a youth-development organization that works with over 12,000 students in 17 Minneapolis public schools each year to help them develop important life skills. The current list of partner schools can be found at
Geographic Area Served
Minneapolis & St. Paul


3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services $1,381,375 68.7%
Management $328,855 16.3%
Fundraising $301,821 15%
Unrestricted Net Assets
2015 2014 2013
End of Year: $759,920 $703,160 $527,603
Beginning of Year: $703,160 $527,603 $513,699
Difference: $56,760 $175,557 $13,904

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