Community Thread

Mission Statement

Community Thread leverages resources and volunteers to improve the quality of life for adults & their families in our local community.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2015, the impact of our work showed up in our strategic goals and objectives under four major areas. #1 Community Awareness - In an effort to be more visible, we branded the Community Thread name with our community-wide service initiatives; we built relationships with faith based organizations, schools and youth-related organizations to promote community volunteering opportunities; we cultivated relationships with Civic, Service, and Neighborhood organizations to promote volunteerism; we partnered with Our Community Kitchen to offer a 6 week free lunch program that served 300 meals; we engaged 26 corporations in service initiatives and special events. #2 Streamlined operations - We made better use of existing technologies; we explored technology that could help improve efficiency and budgeted for it for 2016; we process mapped areas of overlap in the organization and centralized operations in our volunteer management and communications areas; we outsourced a printed newsletter; we streamlined the tax appointment process, increasing the number of people served by 22% over the prior year. #3 Sustainable funding- We increased contributed revenue from individuals, municipalities, faith-based and civic organizations, business partners by 5%; we increased earned revenues by expanding fee-based services and increasing current fees and/or participation rates by 15%. We explored new programs to offer in 2016 that would meet our mission while providing a source of sustainable revenue. #4 Active board engagement - Board members engagement was measured by how many meetings they attended and the number of events they volunteered for; in 2015, they donated an average of 39 hours and made personal average gifts of $338 (range $100 - $1050) with 10 board members making a donation (90% participation).
Current Goals Community Awareness: Develop a corporate volunteer program to engage business partners/municipalities and their employees as volunteers; enhance communication processes and tools. Streamlined operations: Invest in technologies proven to improve efficiency. Sustainable funding: Explore feasibility of "the Village concept" as a way to support aging in place seniors in our community. Active Board: Engage board in making more direct asks for support and more involvement in the community as representatives of Community Thread.
Community or Constituency Served We serve anyone but our focus is to assist older adults in need of services to support their independence, low-income families and anyone interested in volunteerism.
Geographic Area Served The St. Croix Valley.

Reports & Finances

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2300 Orleans St. W
Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone: 651-439-7434

General Information

Alternative Name: Community Volunteer Services of the St. Croix Valley (1968), Community Volunteer Service of the St. Croix Valley Area (1978)
EIN: 41-0967271
Principal Staff: Sally Anderson
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 7.45
Volunteers: 1,148
Number of Clients: 11,500


Board Chair: Kerri Kolstad
Number of Board Members: 13
Board Meetings with Quorum: 13
Average Member Attendance: 9.5

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