Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

Mission Statement

Feed NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin's hungry by rescuing and distributing food and engaging our region in the fight against hunger.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments We were able to provide 4.2 million meals to those struggling with hunger in our NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin service area. Our ability to provide this food reduced the food insecurity of thousands in our region. It also provided an opportunity for children to focus and learn in school; seniors to put their fixed income toward items like medical care and medicine; and families to gain stability putting limited incomes toward housing, transportation and childcare.
Current Goals Objective 1: Increase Food Available to Agencies and People in Need. Make more high-quality food available to agency partners and people in need. Strategies: Increase food receipts to 5.5 million pounds in 2016; Increase acquisition of fresh produce to 1.3 million pounds in 2016. Objective 2: Increase Reach by Building Capacity. Once food is acquired for the system ensure that we, and our agency partners, have sufficient capacity to safely store, handle, transport, and distribute the increased volume of food equitably to people in need. a) Strategies: Store, transport and distribute a total of 5.5 million pounds in 2016; Exceed the “Meals Per Person in Need” (MPIN) in each of our 8 service counties; Strategically build our own direct service programs focusing on areas of high need and low saturation of food resources available to people in need; Encourage nutritional choices by program participants at agency partners and our own direct service programs.
Community or Constituency Served Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank provides its programs and services to those in need of food and non-food items who reside in NE Minnesota (St. Louis, Carlton, Lake and Cook counties) and NW Wisconsin (Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland and Iron counties).
Geographic Area Served We serve NE Minnesota (St. Louis, Carlton, Lake and Cook counties) and NW Wisconsin (Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland and Iron counties).

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4503 Airpark Boulevard
Duluth, MN 55811
Phone: 218-727-5653

General Information

Alternative Name: We do not use any names other than Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.
EIN: 36-3479964
Principal Staff: Shaye Moris
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 15
Number of Volunteers: 1417
Number of Clients: 44000
Ruling Year: 1984


Board Chair: Judith Van Dell
Number of Board Members: 12
Board Meetings with Quorum: 13
Average Member Attendance: 9.5

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