Ruff Start Rescue

Mission Statement

Ruff Start Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of at-risk animals. We also seek to collaborate, communicate, and educate about the importance of animal rescue and welfare.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Ruff Start Rescue saved 1,601 animals in 2016. We also found loving homes for 1,516 dogs, cats, and small critters. Our veterinary costs totaled $208,000 which was down from 2015's veterinary expenditures. We also conducted 16 educational presentations to 744 children. We also received funding to support a community spay/neuter initiative for community owned and feral/barn cats. This was a program that offered free sterilization services for families in four central Minnesota counties. Through this initiative, 175 cats were sterilized.
Current Goals Ruff Start Rescue hopes to save 1,900 animals in 2017, complete our new facility and move in sometime this summer. This facility will allow us to care for more cats, have space for veterinary services for rescued animals, and provide educational opportunities for volunteers, fosters, and the general public. We plan to offer behavioral training courses with a certified trainer who specializes in positive methods. We also hope to reach 1,000 children through our animal welfare education program. Finally, we hope to offer no-cost sterilization services to 300 community owned or feral/barn cats.
Community or Constituency Served Ruff Start Rescue cares for dogs, cats, and small critters. We provide resources and adopt animals to individuals and families throughout Minnesota. We also provide educational presentations to children in preschool through 6th grade.
Geographic Area Served We serve the entire Minnesota community.

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PO Box 129
Princeton, MN 55371
Phone: 763-355-3981

General Information

Alternative Name: RSR, Ruff Start, Ruff Start Rescue, Ruff Start Rescue, Inc.
EIN: 27-2545988
Principal Staff: Azure Davis
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 6
Number of Volunteers: 600
Number of Clients: 2500
Ruling Year: 2010


Board Chair: Azure Davis is the board chair at this time but we are actively seeking out a new chair
Number of Board Members: 8
Board Meetings with Quorum: 13
Average Member Attendance: 6.9

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