Reve Academy

Mission Statement

Rêve Academy's mission is to empower students to dream with direction by providing pathways to digital careers.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments In 2018, we partnered with schools to provide digital after-school programming and training in our Emergent Teaching Methodology. Additionally - we were able to provide 39 on-site internships. We believe that effectiveness and impact is proven through data – last year students experienced a 2% increase in professional skills and a 17% increase in agency and grit.
Current Goals Our 2019 goals are as follows: Goal #1: Provide 30 quality and impactful on-site internships. Goal #2: Put students at the center of our work and give them opportunities to lead. Goal #3: Collect and report data from each of our programs as well as Net Promoter Score from all key stakeholders on a trimesterly basis. Goal #4: Increase % of operating costs covered by earned income to 50%.
Community or Constituency Served Rêve Academy was founded in 2010 in North Minneapolis, one of the most economically distressed areas in Minnesota. It's here that the state’s academic achievement gap is on full display: compared to their white counterparts, students of color are less likely to graduate from high school or become proficient in reading and math. Our young people of color are leaving school and entering a job market where their unemployment rate is more than 100% higher than that of their white counterparts. And yet, the fastest-growing segment of Minnesota’s future workforce is students of color. Rêve Academy serves middle and high school students - of which approximately 80% of students served come from low-income homes, and approximately 90% are racially/ethnically diverse.
Geographic Area Served MN - Specifically the Twin Cities Metro area

Reports & Finances

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Major Program Expenses
Reve Academy EDU (In School Programming):
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807 Broadway St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-284-9390

General Information

Alternative Name: Rêve Academy
EIN: 27-4148333
Principal Staff: Brad von Bank
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 2
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Number of Clients: 600
Ruling Year: 2012


Board Chair: Brad von Bank
Number of Board Members: 10
Board Meetings with Quorum: 6
Average Member Attendance: 7.4

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1915 Highway 36 W Ste 133 • Roseville, Minnesota 55113-2709
Phone: (651) 224–7030 • E-mail:

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