Minnesota Children’s Museum

Mission Statement

Sparking children's learning through play.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Following are key efforts in achieving the annual goals set for the Museum’s fiscal year 2014: Strategy #1: Welcome 432,000 visitors • Exceeded goal by welcoming 433,334 visitors. • Provided free or subsidized access to the Museum for 120,447 visitors, or 28%, through the Play for All program. This included 3,056 free and reduced-priced family memberships. • Hosted nine special exhibits including the world premiere of Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails and prototyped a new museum experience incorporating loose-parts-styled play, Creativity Jam. Strategy #2: Expand Reach through Decentralized Growth • Minnesota Children's Museum of Rochester welcomed 32,365 visitors. • Produced and installed the final seven (of 19) Smart Play Spots reaching over 100,000 visitors annually. • Toured the Storyland exhibit to three cities in Greater Minnesota. Strategy #3: Champion the Essential Role of Play • In partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, the Museum has begun work in a new Educational Master Plan that will incorporate research and the 7C’s into a new framework for Museum operations. • Launched the pilot program, Text2Lean, successfully reaching 114 low-income families with literacy-learning play tips through simple text messages. Strategy #4: Strengthen and Sustain the Museum’s Core • Engaged 1,517 volunteers in contributing 31,348 service, of which, 182 participate in the Play Team– a teen service-learning volunteer group. • Launched a new visitor evaluation with over 200 satisfaction surveys in the first week. • Completed architectural schematic designs for the Room to Play expansion and renovation project and successfully secured $14 million in bonding from the state of Minnesota.
Current Goals Minnesota Children's Museum’s leadership team, Board and staff plan, design and implement the Museum’s high quality galleries, exhibits, programs, and activities. Following are key priorities we intend to accomplish for FY15: Strategy #1: Expand Reach through Decentralized Growth • Narrow attention to only MCM-Rochester, advancing the sustainable model by growing revenue and finding a lower-cost space solution Strategy #2: Champion the Essential Role of Play in Early Learning • Advance the foundational work on learning frameworks and parent education plan • Maintain the Play for All access program and define strategy to deepen service for families living in poverty Strategy #3: Strengthen and Sustain the Museum’s Core • Welcome 450,000 visitors to St. Paul and 35,000 visitors to Rochester. • Continue to provide a compelling visitor experience that delights a loyal audience • Invest in technology systems and process improvements to increase efficiency and performance Strategy #4: Prepare to expand the Museum • Raise $12 million by spring 2015 • Complete design development on the building to be ready for shovels in the ground fall 2015 • Finalize exhibit design • Complete the financial and operational plan to sustainably manage through the attendance disruption during construction, which starts in FY16
Community or Constituency Served Minnesota Children's Museum serves children birth to 10, their families and schools, day care centers and other educational and community institutions.
Geographic Area Served Minnesota Children's Museum provides service to St. Paul, Greater Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and other locations across North America through traveling exhibits.

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10 West Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-225-6000
Website: www.mcm.org

General Information

EIN: 41-1354181
Principal Staff: Dianne Krizan
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 96
Number of Volunteers: 1,517
Number of Clients: 433,334


Board Chair: Philip McKoy
Number of Board Members: 35
Board Meetings with Quorum: 8
Average Member Attendance: 22.8

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