Ka Joog

Mission Statement

Ka Joog exists to create a better world by providing community-based, culturally specific programs and services to Somali youth and their families.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Ka Joog successfully put on a touring play called "The Chronicles of the Diaspora," which toured around three cities in Minnesota. Additional successful projects include 'Somalia: A Nation of Poets,' a documentary about Somali poetry produced in partnership with TPT and the Somali Museum of Minnesota . Somali Week, which had over 32,000 attendees also saw extremely successful outcomes in community and constituent outreach. Lastly, Ka Joog successfully completed a pilot year of the East African Youth at Work program, which is set to begin its expansion phase in its second year, expanding the program from 18 participants to 36 participants in the coming year.
Current Goals Ka Joog has three major goals that the organization seeks to accomplish in the coming year. 1) Ka Joog has recently experienced an increasingly high demand for the organizations programs and services. As such, Ka Joog is hoping to hire additional staff for several programs including Be@School and East African Youth at Work in order to meet the demand for those services and expand services provided to reach more members in the community. 2) Ka Joog is also hoping to restructure the planning process and management of Somali Week and the Somali Independence Day Festival in order to stream line the event planning process in hopes of easing the responsibilities and demands the planning process puts on staff members. 3) Ka Joog seeks to build out its development department and has identified individual giving as an area to expand with regards to fundraising.
Community or Constituency Served Somali American youth and their families in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota
Geographic Area Served Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota

Reports & Finances

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Major Program Expenses
The Takeoff:
Somali Week:
East African Youth at Work:
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Program Services
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1420 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone: (612) 255-3524
Website: www.kajoog.org/

General Information

Alternative Name: Ka Joog Nonprofit Organization
EIN: 39-2073475
Principal Staff: Mohamed Farah
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 6
Number of Volunteers: 50
Number of Clients: Total Clients: 515; Somali Week: 32,000 attendees
Ruling Year: 2010


Board Chair: Ali Elmi
Number of Board Members: 6
Average Member Attendance: 3.9

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