Helping Hands Outreach

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help create a healthy community where older adults and adults with disabilities want to live and be a vital part of the community.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments 1. All 4 of our standing board committee established action plans for the year. Three of the committees completed the majority of their planned work. For example the Publicity Committee completed a review of our website needs and helped decide on a re-design. This will result in more utilization of services and enhanced quality of life for more older adults and adults with disabilities. 2. Our Program Committee helped review alternate evaluation tools and worked with the staff to implement the new process of open-ended questioning and personal interviewing that provided some helpful information for planning. This will ensure that our services are responding to real needs. 3. The Program Committee used our newsletter to invite families of adults with disabilities to connect with us to identify the needs of their family member. There was a very small response. The committee continues to consider ways to reach out to adults with disabilities. 4. The publicity and personal contact by staff resulted in many more people becoming aware of our services. Many people approach our staff with questions about our services. With more people aware, more people will become more engaged and supportive of the work. 5. Helping Hands Outreach was licensed on January 1, 2014. This means that we can expect continued state support and enhanced credibility in the eyes of our constituents. Increased accountability will challenge us to providing high quality services.
Current Goals 1. Complete a business plan including a cash flow analysis, be licensed by the state to provide adult day services, and open an Adult Day Activity Center by June 2015. 2. Develop a variety of outings utilizing the new Handy Bus that enhance the quality of people’s lives by June 2015. 3. Conduct a technology audit and complete upgrade to our primary database (CRM) and a re-design of our website by January 2015. 4. Develop and implement a Strategic Planning process that includes a review of mission and scope, community assessment, evaluation of services, and a funding plan resulting in a written 3-5 year plan by June 2016.
Community or Constituency Served We help people embrace aging as a vital part of their lives by making healthy choices. We advocate for healthy aging in the entire community and provide health & wellness activities for adults of all ages. Our emphasis is on older adults age 60 and above and adults with disabilities.
Geographic Area Served Our geographic area is comprised of a rural area of about 190 square miles in the northeast corner of Stearns County, Minnesota.

Reports & Finances

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101 Plymouth St
Holdingford, MN 56340
Phone: 320-746-9960

General Information

Alternative Name: Helping Hands Outreach to Elders
EIN: 01-0697213
Principal Staff: Jeff Fromm
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 2.85
Volunteers: 81
Number of Clients: 236


Number of Board Members: 13
Board Meetings with Quorum: 14
Average Member Attendance: 10.3

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