Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches

Mission Statement

The mission of GMCC is to unite people of faith to serve people in need.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments More than 1,400 volunteers contributed more than 10,000 volunteer hours through Metro Paint-A-Thon; The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign raised $8.4 million dollars and collected 4 million pounds of food for 288 food shelves across Minnesota; Approximately 400 youth participated in the various projects of the Division of Indian Work's Youth Leadership Development Program, including the American Indian Math Project, after-school tutoring and summer enrichment; Urban Immersion Services' Poverty and Privilege training continued to gain recognition statewide and nationally for it's innovative approach to learning and facilitating change
Current Goals Hunger and Nutrition: Strengthen Minnesota FoodShare’s profile as a leader in providing and advocating for increased availability of healthy and nutritious food for Minnesotans in need. Senior Services: Expand the scope of Senior Services to provide needs assessment, connection to existing resources, and follow-up to keep seniors living healthy, independent lives. West African Community: Work in partnership with the West African Community to strengthen the community and allow it to develop its own support organization through GMCC. Division of Indian Work (DIW): Work in partnership with DIW to empower the American Indian community, and support DIW in the implementation of their strategic plan. Mentoring: Advocate for, and be a provider of, mentoring programming that will improve the general well-being of youth served.
Community or Constituency Served GMCC's focus is on those most in need. We operate a family of human services programs and recruit support across denominational lines to help struggling Minnesotans meet their needs and improve their circumstances.
Geographic Area Served Programs primarily serve the West Twin Cities metro area with some focus on greater Minnesota.

Reports & Finances

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3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services
Unrestricted Net Assets
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Notes from the Council

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Organization Last Reviewed on 03/27/2018

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1001 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: 612-721-8687

General Information

Alternative Name: GMCC, Division of Indian Work
EIN: 04-1093933
Principal Staff: Noya Woodrich
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 50
Volunteers: 3,000
Number of Clients: 17,500
Ruling Year: 1942


Board Chair: Paula Phillippe
Number of Board Members: 24
Board Meetings with Quorum: 4
Average Member Attendance: 18.5

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