Cass County Economic Development Corporation

Mission Statement

MISSION: "To Attract and Retain Businesses in Cass County." VISION: "Be the Go To economic development organization; to increase jobs, growth and tax base in Cass County." CORE VALUES: 1. Professionalism -- Offering the highest level of knowledge and qualifications to our customers. 2. Integrity -- Maintaining a high ethical standard and respecting those who we serve. 3. Passion -- We do this because we love it and we want a better tomorrow! 4. Confidentiality -- Keeping the trust and confidence of others foremost always. 5. Accountability -- Maintaining accountability to our membership, government partners and our board members. 6. Persistence -- Using patience and persistence to accomplish our mission.

Impact and Programs

Accomplishments Jobs Created and Retained: We helped businesses create and retain 39 jobs during the past fiscal year. Tax Base Investment: We assisted companies that made investments of $2,422,000 in our tax base. Grants secured: We secured $579,200 in grants during the past fiscal year.
Current Goals Goals 2015 1. Double our 2014 job creation and investment goals to 50 jobs and $4 M investment. 2. Start using a web based meeting option. Will Cass County help? 3. Attend one industry conference for budgeted cost. 4. Visit three out of town businesses per month that are needing employees. 5. Re-Identify the Cass County EDC as the primary economic development representative for Cass County. Cities and townships sometimes hear mixed messages. 6. Investigate the possibility of requesting a Rural Finance Authority Levy from the county. This would help us add staff for the loan fund and we would be authorized to administer our own TIF agreements. Both activities will bring more future revenue to the EDC. Relationship building: 1. Set up a Township Gathering with the purpose of inviting townships to join. Find sponsors to pay. 2. Hold 3 outreach meetings for businesses with the goal of inviting memberships. Find sponsors to pay for the meetings. Board Development Goals: 1. Establish officer job descriptions. 2. Plan a Board Training Day. (roles and responsibilities, group communications and meeting do's and don'ts) Cost estimate of $750 and I will add when membership funding is expanded. 3. Arrange a community service project for the board to build group camaraderie. This may be on a weekend or 1/2 day in length. 4. Summer social event to help us to know each other better. Outreach Marketing Strategy Goals: (From the plan) 1. Contact all member banks and realtors, as well as government partners by phone to ask them to add our link to their website. We already have their link on our website. 2. Business Attraction Activity: Update website ($650), make 3 new videos ($3,900) and develop new print materials ($1,000). No funding for this now. I will use increased memberships (above our goal of $60,145) for this as increased memberships are received. 3. Attend WACC home and garden show for a conference cost of $125. I will add this when funding is above goal.
Community or Constituency Served We serve businesses, prospective businesses and communities in Cass County, MN. Our county population is 28,456 and all of them have access to our services to help them create business plans, secure business financing and operate strong, profitable businesses in Cass County. Our services are available to any business outside of Cass County that expresses an interest in locating here and creating jobs for our residents. We provide Professional, Qualified and Certified Economic Development assistance to all of the cities and townships in Cass County. Our constituency is of lower than state average income levels. Our constituency has a higher unemployment rate than the state average. Our organization was created to assist the constituency in developing a strong economy that will provide more jobs and better jobs for our future. It was created to help the cities, townships and Cass County broaden the tax base to keep a low tax rate and a healthy economic environment for future business development.
Geographic Area Served Cass County, MN. We are located in north central Minnesota. As a rural county, our population is disbursed between 11 cities and 50 townships over many miles. Our geographic area includes lakes, woods and the rural lifestyle that people enjoy spending time in.

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Po Box 1606
Walker, MN 56484
Phone: 218-547-7262

General Information

Alternative Name: Cass County EDC, CCEDC, Economic Development Corporation of Cass County
EIN: 41-1873815
Principal Staff:
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE): 1.5
Volunteers: 9
Number of Clients: Estimated at 150


Board Chair: Bill Palmer
Number of Board Members: 9
Average Member Attendance: 6.3

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