(Let Us Be) Your Guide on Accountability Wizard® Guided Reviews

So, you’ve done your research and decided (correctly so!) that Charities Review Council’s Accountability Wizard® is a valuable investment for your organization’s health and reputation. You know it will:  Create a shared culture of transparency and trust as you engage your board and staff around accountability issues.   Assist in aligning your organizational practices and procedures.  … Read more

Donor Engagement: Best Practices to Remember

In today’s giving landscape, it seems ever more elusive to earn and maintain engagement with donors—especially with donors dwindling. A 2021 study published by Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy found only half of U.S. households donated to a charity. Looking into the giving patterns of more than 9k households, the study found a… Read more

Planning to Succeed: Defining an exit strategy for today’s nonprofits

What if your organization’s leader suddenly stepped down? How well prepared is your organization for the expected or unexpected departure of an executive team member? The National Council of Nonprofits cautions:   “Leadership transitions can leave an organization vulnerable to environmental stresses, such as a loss of external funding because a long-time donor is taking a… Read more

Welcome back, Olivia Felland

Please welcome Olivia Felland (she/her) as our Program and Operations Coordinator! After starting as an intern over two years ago, Olivia has filled many different roles at the Council from supporting our donor database to mastering the Accountability Wizard reviews.   Previously, she was the Development Coordinator at the Germanic-American Institute working on all aspects of fundraising. She graduated… Read more

Ukraine: Smart Giving in times of crisis

I saw a post on my social media feed a few days ago that described the extreme measures parents in Ukraine were taking to reconnect with their children. The most affecting image for me was of a child with contact information written in Sharpie marker on their back. As disturbing as all the images of… Read more

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