The Phoenix Residence Inc.

Mission Statement

The Phoenix Residence, Inc. is dedicated to developing person centered quality living experience for individuals with disabilities.

Contact Information

330 Marie Ave East
West St. Paul , MN 55118

General Information

Alternative Name
The Phoenix Residence Inc. PRI
Principal Staff
Darlene Scott
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)
Number of Clients


Board Chair
Steve Pfeiffer
Number of Board Members
Board Meetings with Quorum
Average Member Attendance

Impact and Programs

1. Phoenix was able to enhance its services, develop new programs, and use technology to help individuals live more independently. 2. Our fundraising programs have grown. 3. We were able to use resources meet very specific goals identified by each program purchase. 4. Customer Satisfaction with our services is ranked high. 5. We continue to provide stable staffing in many of our programs which is a key quality of life indicator. 6. We have implemented Wellness initiatives for the individuals we support through programs and services as well as our employees. 7. We continue to leverage technology to work smarter and be good stewards of our resources. 8. We continue to train staff on Person Centered Thinking and Person Centered Planning.
Current Goals
Strategic Goals 1. Provide person centered integrated services for individuals supported by Phoenix. 2. Expand the Phoenix brand of exceptional customer relations 3. Assure a fiscally sustainable future 4. Research and utilize new enterprise and assistive technology 5. Develop creative workforce solutions 6. Strengthen organizational leadership 7. Promote health and wellness of the individuals we support and the individuals we employ.
Community or Constituency Served
Phoenix supports Individuals with disabilities in need of services to maintain independence in the community including services within their own home or at their place of employment. Phoenix also support individuals that may need a more structured living environment with 24-hour supports and assistance with coordination of health care services. Phoenix supports Individuals with a variety of physical and or cognitive challenges to function as independently as possible given their life circumstances.
Geographic Area Served
Phoenix serves individuals in the 7 county metro are of the twin cities.


3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services $8,110,311 90.3%
Management $868,233 9.7%
Fundraising $0 0%
Unrestricted Net Assets
2013 2012 2011
End of Year: $5,478,855 $5,195,058 $4,875,005
Beginning of Year: $5,195,058 $4,875,005 $4,500,731
Difference: $283,797 $320,053 $374,274

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