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Mission Statement

Scholarship America's mission is to mobilize America, through scholarships and educational support, to make postsecondary success possible for all students.

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7900 International Dr
Minneapolis, MN 55425-2561
(952) 830-7300

General Information

Alternative Name
Dollars for Scholars
Principal Staff
Robert Ballard
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Board Chair
Michael Ryan
Number of Board Members
Board Meetings with Quorum
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Impact and Programs

An organization with more than a 50-year legacy, Scholarship Americas mission is to mobilize America through scholarships and educational support to make postsecondary success possible for all students. Scholarship America has distributed $3 billion in scholarships to more than 2 million students since 1958. Today, Scholarship America remains steadfast in its commitment to turning student dreams into degrees. In 2015 alone, $213 million was distributed to 103,000 students in college scholarships. Since 2014, Scholarship America has had staff working on the front lines in Washington, D.C. to represent the interests of students in the national policy arena. Last spring, Scholarship America proudly released their first public policy agenda. Among the top priorities was a direct call to action to increase access to federal financial aid by simplifying the FAFSA and allowing the use of prior-prior year tax data. This is now the reality for families and students across the nation. Local volunteers in more than 500 communities across the country come together to support students in pursuing their higher education goals by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, assisting with college readiness and the financial aid process, and distributing scholarships to their hometown students to realize their dreams of a college degree. These activities both drive impact through access and completion, and drive student persistence: student recipients of these local scholarship programs consistently report a significant boost in motivation and the drive to complete their education knowing they have the support of their local community behind them. Scholarship Americas reach is enhanced by our Scholarship Management Services division, which manages and administers scholarship and education assistance programs for more than 1,200 corporations, foundations and individuals internationally. In addition, Scholarship America currently partners with colleges in two major ways: through the Collegiate Partners program, where colleges agree not to displace scholarship with other grant aid, and through the Dreamkeepers program, where colleges provide students with emergency financial assistance. Scholarship America commits to increasing the number of colleges with which we partner to support students and to showcase these college partners as examples for others.
Current Goals
As the nations largest provider of private scholarships, Scholarship America is now working to further engage the private sector to support programs and policies that advance equity in postsecondary education and help students overcome barriers to access, persistence and attainment. Specifically, Scholarship America commits to focus on serving low-to-moderate income students and communities of greatest need. As part of this new strategic focus, Scholarship America will add 110 community-based scholarship affiliates across the nation by 2020. These affiliates will be primarily located in high-need communities including states with limited need-based financial aid programs; metropolitan areas with high poverty rates; poverty-stricken rural and suburban towns near community colleges and regional universities; and where partnerships are ripe with others committed to serving students from K-12 through college completion. In addition, Scholarship America commits to increasing the number of colleges with which we partner to support low-to-moderate income students and to showcase these college partners as examples for others. A new national scholarship program, the Scholarship America Dream Award, was launched to help spotlight the need for renewable programs that support deserving students beyond their first year until they complete their degree program. The first class of 12 award winners are an awe-inspiring group of students who have overcome significant barriers to persist toward achieving their degrees. By continuing to leverage private dollars and a diverse set of stakeholders, including community volunteers, civic leaders, private donors, corporations, community foundations, and postsecondary institutions, Scholarship America will serve as a catalyst for postsecondary success.
Community or Constituency Served
Scholarship America serves students hoping to obtain a post-secondary degree, regardless of their financial status.
Geographic Area Served
Scholarship America is a national organization.


3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services $163,180,527 97.2%
Management $3,222,440 1.9%
Fundraising $1,502,915 0.9%
Unrestricted Net Assets
2014 2013 2012
End of Year: $5,664,585 $6,924,203 $8,170,733
Beginning of Year: $6,924,203 $8,170,733 $8,498,424
Difference: ($1,259,618) ($1,246,530) ($327,691)

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