Planned Parenthood, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Mission Statement

Affirming the Human Right to Reproductive Health and Freedom. Our staff works to ensure that families and communities have the resources they need to achieve reproductive health, and that all of us have the freedom to plan our futures.

Contact Information

671 Vandalia Street
St. Paul, MN 55114

General Information

Alternative Name
Principal Staff
Sarah Stoesz
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)
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Board Chair
Lynn Abrahamsen
Number of Board Members
Board Meetings with Quorum
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Impact and Programs

Planned Parenthood’s 20 Clinics served nearly 65,000 women, men, and teens in 2014 with essential preventive health care, including lifesaving cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing and treatment, and accurate health information. Planned Parenthood is a safety-net provider, serving thousands who would not otherwise receive affordable, high-quality health care. In many rural areas, we are the only source for confidential, non-judgmental reproductive health care. Planned Parenthood’s Education and Outreach programs partnered with community-based organizations to bring comprehensive, evidence-based sex education to more than 35,000 teens and adults throughout our region last year. All of our education programs are accurate, age-appropriate, and culturally-relevant, promoting sexual health and healthy relationships while reducing rates of unintended pregnancy and STDs. Our education programs empower participants to make responsible decisions and spark healthy communication in schools and at home. Planned Parenthood’s Grassroots Advocacy and Community Organizing programs conducted unprecedented outreach around the launch of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and first MNsure enrollment period in 2013 and early 2014. Our dedicated outreach team of staff and volunteers had more than 52,000 conversations with patients and the general public about the new health care law and how it could benefit them. We also played an essential role in the defeat of the "personhood" amendment in North Dakota in 2014, and helped South Dakota residents get their voices heard at the state legislature.
Current Goals
The framework for our work is based on a board-approved strategic plan with the goal of ensuring vital and healthy generations of 18-29 year olds by providing, educating, and advocating for reproductive and sexual health. Health Care Services: Evaluate additional opportunities to connect with our patients and respond to their needs. As we innovate and adapt, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the full range of reproductive health care services, including annual gynecological exams, breast and cervical cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and referrals, and other specialized reproductive health care services. Education and Outreach Programs: Expand the reach of our comprehensive sex education programs to more young people and adults. All of our education programs are accurate, age-appropriate, and culturally-relevant, promoting sexual health and healthy relationships while reducing rates of unintended pregnancy and STDs. Specific goals built into our education curricula include: increased sexual health knowledge; more favorable attitudes towards delaying sex; ensuring the use of condoms and contraception if young people (and adults) are having sex; more comfortable communication with peers, parents, and dating partners; and increased sense of belonging, connection, and community engagement. Grassroots Advocacy and Community Organizing: In Minnesota, we continue to conduct extensive ACA and MNsure education and outreach through the next enrollment period. We are also working to pass the Contraceptive Health Equity and Employee Rights (CHEER) Act in Minnesota, to ensure that employees have access to a full range of reproductive health options under employer health plans. In North Dakota, and South Dakota we continue to partner with our allies to provide much-needed legislative outreach and advocacy.
Community or Constituency Served
Residents of our three state region
Geographic Area Served
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota


3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services $23,385,217 78.1%
Management $5,271,703 17.6%
Fundraising $1,290,544 4.3%
Unrestricted Net Assets
2012 2011 2010
End of Year: $6,094,030 $5,389,474 $6,237,676
Beginning of Year: $5,389,474 $6,237,676 $5,585,565
Difference: $704,556 ($848,202) $652,111

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